Hutch Games has presented us with another fantastic mobile game to enjoy. Rebel Racing came out this November 07 to bring a thrilling experience to racing fans around the world. What are you waiting for? Tune in to immerse yourself in a world of speed and excitement.

Rebel Racing sets in the US West Coast and brings you to some of the best racing tracks there. With startlingly stunning graphics and uplifting music, the game definitely deserves a spot on your mobile phone.

Rebel Racing 04
You can choose from various racing tracks and locations

Racing against the best racers in the world, you can earn a lot of money for completing challenges and doing great stuff like drifting, overtaking, and finishing first.

Rebel Racing 01
Only stragglers drive safe!

Customize your own car

Doing stunts will earn you lots of rebel bonuses, which in turn can be redeemed into money in the game. And guess what you can do with it? A whole lot. First of all, you can customize your own car to your preference. Fancy a new decal or wheel color? No problem.

Rebel Racing 05
What is the racing car of your dream?

Across the storyline of the game, you can collect various car models in the world and use them to your likings. Ever dreamt of a BMW, a Lamborghini or Porsche? Work your way up to earn them in no time.

Rebel Racing 02
A wide variety of cars are up for grab

Rebel Racing also features a daily quest system to keep you on your toes. You can earn various rewards for logging in daily and completing challenges to earn more cash.

Rebel Racing 07
Log in daily to earn even more rewards

Rebel Racing is available now on both iOS and Android. Tune in to Google Play and App Store to have a try at one fine racing game. With its great graphics, it won't be anything less than a decent PC racing game.