Cracked Crusaders is a 2D dungeon-crawler with some elements of the platformer genre added in for good measure. The game was originally intended to be called Super Dungeon Delvers, but that name was later changed as it was too long. We first reported on this one back in October, and now it has finally arrived on both Google Play and the App Store. Check out its trailer below:

In Cracked Crusaders you'll play as Milton, a shepherd who is on a journey to retrieve his flock from the baddies that have invaded his homeland. The quest will take him and his two loyal companions – Holly the dog and Dory the duck, both of whom are playable – through various dungeons full of traps.

The game offers over 100 levels for you to tackle. In addition to the deadly traps such as swinging axes or beds of spikes, you’ll also have to deal with several types of enemies including giant bats, armored knights, or even Yetis.  At the end of each level is a challenging boss that will surely put your skills to the test. In fact, some of these bosses are so big that they take up your entire screen.

Cracked Crusaders 2 Ef48_wm
Overcome hundreds of levels full of traps and enemies

In order to be able to take down these daunting foes, you'll have to unlock upgrades for your characters. As you progress, you'll also find various weapons, elemental effects, and other items that grant special abilities such as double jump.

The main campaign of Cracked Crusaders is set to last for roughly 10 hours, and there are also 300 stars to collect across the levels, and if you do take the time to find them all, you’ll unlock a bonus ending as a reward. So there’s a decent amount of content on offer here.

Cracked Crusaders Weapons Ec76_wm
Collect weapons and other equipment along the way

Cracked Crusaders is available right now for both Android and iOS. It is a free-to-play game with ads included, and if you want to, you can pay for a one-time IAP to get an ad-free experience.