We first reported on the puzzle/platformer game BU Dungeon Duo from developer Noisy Bug back in early September when it was first announced and we found the idea really interesting. The game was intended to launch in October but experienced a slight delay. Thankfully, it is now available for Android. Check out its trailer below:

The game begins when 2 wizards go out for a stroll. For some reason, though, one of them has his body separated from his soul and absorbed by a mysterious portal, leaving him trapped in the material world in the form of a ghost named Bu. So now Bu and his pal embark on an adventure across 25 levels to retrieve his body.

Throughout the game, you only have controls of the red wizard, and his moves are limited simply to jumping, running left and right, and teleporting Bu to his current location. That’s admittedly not a lot of variety, but the teleport ability can also be used to perform double jumps to reach higher platforms if you manage to time it correctly.

Bu Gameplay 2 B1ef_wm
You only have direct controls of the red wizard, not the ghost

That said, Bu also plays a vital part in the game. The ghost can push heavy blocks around to destroy spikes and create new footholds for you to jump on. However, as mentioned, you won’t be able to directly tell him to do that. All he does is sticking to his friend at all times, so you must manipulate the red wizard’s positions in a way that’ll trick Bu into doing what you need. For example, you can put a wall between the duo, which will prompt Bu to go all the way around it to reach the red wizard (Yes, somehow he can’t just go straight through the wall even though he’s a ghost), hopefully pushing the blocks to where you want them to be as he does so.

Bu Gameplay 7625_wm
Putting a wall between you and Bu will prompt him to go all the way around it to reach his friend

BU Dungeon Duo is currently up for download on the Google Play Store as a premium app priced at £2.99 (Rs 270).