Sometimes when playing PUBG, you can make many incredible things by chance, or by excellent skill. Recently, a PUBG player did an amazing thing like that and he almost got reported for it. This player is named n0op_TV. In a PUBG Solo game, he made a kill with a perfect 286-meter crossbow headshot.

This fantastic performance made other players think that he cheated. He uploaded a record of his solo performance on his blog. Then, many audiences voiced their doubts about this crossbow headshot at such a long distance. Whereas, many expressed their impression on this amazing performance.

Incredible Crossbow Headshot
Incredible Crossbow Headshot

286-Meter Crossbow Headshot

This PUBG Player spotted an enemy hiding behind a wall from his perspective. That unlucky man didn’t realize that a crossbow attached with a 6x scope was aiming at him. Then, he got a headshot from over 280 meters away. The lucky pro player nOops_TV, aka Redditor Nitesen, landed an arrow precisely and made a perfect headshot from such a long distance.

It looks as if Nitesen cheated. However, this player lined up before firing. And with a little luck and his experience, he made that incredible headshot. According to his reply to the audiences' comments, he often uses a crossbow in PUBG Solo games. That’s the reason why this experienced archer knows the flight path of the arrow pretty well.

N0ops Tv Killed Vvolfr4m With Crossbow
n0ops_TV killed VVOLFR4M with Crossbow

About PUBG Crossbow

PUBG Crossbow is described as a good weapon for assassination although it’s pretty hard to use. It can cause super high damages to enemies. Especially, you can kill enemies when aiming at their torso or head, even when they wear Spetsnaz helmets. Moreover, the crossbow is silent. Hence, you can kill enemies without unveiling your position and attracting opponents’ attention.

Pubg Crossbow
PUBG Crossbow

When using this weapon for a medium or long-range fire, you need to aim a little higher above the target to hit enemies. That’s also what Nitesen did to headshot his enemy with such an accurate bullet.