While we are looking forward to the PUBG Global Championship 2019, another PUBG tournament will begin shortly after that. With 16 teams from 13 nations, the PUBG Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 tournament will rock the region with a massive prize pool of $120,000.

Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 06
The Predator League will come back in early 2020 bringing a PUBG competition to the region

More specifically, the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 will go through 2 phases: national qualifiers and LAN finals in Manila, Philipines in February 2020. 13 nations in the Asia Pacific region will have their own national qualifiers. Each nation will select out the best single teams to represent their countries in the grand finals. Thailand, Japan, and Philipines will have 2 slots.

Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 01
Who will represent India this time to compete in the large international PUBG tournament?

Register now for a chance to represent India in the PUBG Asia Pacific Predator League 2020

The qualifier has already been open for registration on the main website of Predator. You can register now for the online Indian qualifier to claim a ticket to the national qualifier on December 14. Whoever wins the LAN grand final will represent India in the international event in Manila. Moreover, the champion will take home the lion’s share of ₹10 LAKH in the ₹16.5+ LAKH tournament. Register here at Predator-league.com/regionupdate?region=in.

Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 05
Good money will be on the line for the Indian qualifier

Moreover, the tournament also offers a wide range of side prizes like MVP (Most total damage dealt), The Executioner (Most kills), The Medic (Most revives), and so on. Each side prize will consist of ₹0.5 LAKH in cash and a combo of Predator mouse + headset.

Asia Pacific Predator League 2020 02
Who will lift the trophy and represent India in the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020?

Earlier this year, Raptors represented India in the Asia Pacific Predator League 2019. Though the India squad has yet to achieve significant results, competing in an international scale tournament is sure a fresh and thrilling experience. Who will represent India this time in one of the biggest Asia Pacific region tournaments? It may very well be you and your buddies. Register now to have a try.