Croixleur Sigma was launched initially five years ago for PC, PS4, and Switch by the developer souvenir and publisher Playism. The game has gained decent success due to its vibrant visuals, satisfying hack-n-slash gameplay, and especially - the four anime-style female protagonists.

Receiving positive reviews from the players, the developer souvenir has decided to add new content containing the DLC outfits for the girls. However, it has favored consoles over PC, only bringing those DLCs to PS4 and Switch. PC gamers are not happy about this, of course, so Playism has to make its efforts.

And now, we're receiving a brand new version of Croixleur Sigma for PC via Steam and Playism. Below is the trailer for this re-release, which you can have a look to see the changes:

The concept of Croixleur Sigma

The story of Croixleur Sigma rotates around four vibrant anime-like girls on their action. With their magical blades in hands, Lucrezia, Francesca, Katerina, and Sara-Anika will have to fight against hordes of wicked creatures to protect their friendship and... justice!

This kind of story is as old as my grandmother, but with cute girls with different personalities, fans are not complaining. Firstly, Lucrezia is kind of a bight active girl from the royal family. She was always straightforward with her decision and action, and people also knew her as the magic sword genius.

Joining Lucrezia is her childhood friend - Francesca, or Fran as Lucrezia loves to call. This girl is the model of tsundere - who is very cute and close to Luc when they were born. However, Fran changes her attitudes toward Luc after their teen ages as they have to fight in a trial to get in the Nito Towers. Fran is a genius, pure but reserved girl, which ends up giving her an unwanted embarrassing name: Princess.

Croixleur Sigma Pc Relaunch 6
Lucrezia (left) - Francesca (right)

The third one is an extraordinary member of the Royal family - Katerina. Even though she is the younger sister of the Queen, the virtue of this elegant world doesn't suit her well. Even weirder, as Kat doesn't like talking with girls with her age much, but prefer to talk to old people from other countries. But overall, Kat is very kind-hearted, as she'll fight against the guys she deemed "bad".

Lastly, Sara-Annika is a black-haired girl that's working as the Queen's teacher of sword and magic. She's a great shaman herself, but she doesn't acknowledge her power at all. Other people know that, but none have a chance to talk to her since she can't simply just chat with other people. Luckily, the playful Katerina comes to her and becomes her best friend after they first met.

Croixleur Sigma Pc Relaunch 8
Katerina (left) - Sara-Annika (right)

Gameplay features

The story of the four girls in Croixleur Sigma will be gradually revealed through the Story mode of the game. Basically, you'll take control of one from four, choosing four swords from the lightest to the biggest to bring to each arena-like battle.

Croixleur Sigma Pc Relaunch 2
Bring totally four weapons to the battle

After choosing your weapon combination, you'll be taken to a round arena full of monsters from decently small to very big. Each of them will have certain stats and moveset, which you'll have to roam around to slay them down one by one and avoid being surrounded. The combat in Croixleur Sigma is quite responsive, with normal attacks, strong attack, and aerial attacks.

Croixleur Sigma Pc Relaunch 5
The attacks in this game are very satisfying

And if you're stuck in sticky situations, you can use special attacks that are unique to each character. If you finish the story and still don't get bored of the combats in this game, you can try with other play modes as well, including Time Attack, Challenge mode, and Dungeon mode.

Croixleur Sigma Pc Relaunch 3
Each character has their unique special skills

Relaunching for PC

This new version of Croixleur Sigma will include every DLC that was previously bought to PlayStation 4 and consoles.

Croixleur Sigma Pc Relaunch 1
Including the schoolgirl uniform!

Croixleur will be available on November 19, and in the first two launch week, the game will be under 40% sale, which cut down the price from $19.99 to $11.99. Furthermore, people who own the first version will get a 60%-off coupon, which also stacks with the sale price.