The challenging action RPG game called Dark Souls has inspired numerous mobile titles referred to as Souls-likes. It is not an easy task to imitate the dark and gloomy atmosphere and the satisfying combat of the Souls series, especially with limited resources and personnel. Despite this, there have been significant achievements in developing successful Souls-like games that are accessible on the top Android phones.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 10 best Soulslike games on Android in 2023.

1. Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a prominent model for Souls-like games available on the Play Store. It is a 2D platformer game that makes each playthrough different by using procedural creation. In reality, you are a revived corpse from a failed scientific experiment, but as the player, you assume the role of a warrior wandering through a dungeon.

Dead Cells

The gameplay consists of 2D platforming and dynamic hack-and-slash combat. Exploring the game's environment is encouraged as it rewards you with money and new weapons to battle with terrifying foes. The game is categorized as a "roguevania" because it combines exploration and map navigation with procedurally generated layouts that change after you die. If you enjoy challenging gameplay and procedural runs, Dead Cells is highly recommended.

2. Animus: Revenant

Animus: Revenant is an ambitious game that places you in an isometric 3D world on a linear adventure to save the world. The game draws inspiration from Dark Souls, evident from the combat mechanics that offer a variety of battle approaches such as parrying, backstabs, blocking, and attacking with different weapons. Unlike hack-and-slash games, Animus: Revenant has a slow and methodical combat style that requires players to be deliberate with their attacks.

Animus Revenant Artwork
Animus: Revenant

While the graphics may not be visually dazzling, they can offer a greater frame rate, much like the first Dark Souls. However, a strong device is required to play this challenging game. It is obvious from the slow game pace and disconcerting camera perspective that this is not a game you should rush through.

3. Ronin: The Last Samurai

Ronin: The Last Samurai is a samurai-themed game that puts you in the shoes of a katana-wielding warrior battling multiple enemies in level-based waves. The combat mechanics are similar to Sekiro, with a focus on an aggressive yet cautious fighting style. Touch controls are used to perform strikes, blocks, parries, and special attacks, which are highly responsive and complement the game's art style.

Ronin: The Last Samurai

But because of the slow mobility in the game, archers have plenty of time to aim and fire. Even though the game is simple, playing it is still fun, especially for Nioh and Sekiro aficionados.

4. Pascal's Wager

If you've been eagerly anticipating a mobile game in the vein of Dark Souls, your wait is over with Giant Global's Pascal's Wager. The game immerses players in a foreboding and eerie realm, offering an intense action experience with stunning 3D visuals. Combat is challenging and pits players against terrifying foes in a quest to bring light to the world.

Pascals Wager Android Combat2
Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager draws heavily from the Souls series and other similar games like Nioh. The player must traverse perilous environments and reach altars to progress. Bone fragments can be dedicated at altars to level up, and each level-up grants an attribute point that can be used to upgrade stats like vigor or strength. Altars are also used to craft potions and rest, which fully heals the player but respawns all enemies, akin to Dark Souls.

Unlike its inspiration, Pascal's Wager is divided into distinct levels that can be accessed through a map in the player's caravan. While the interconnected world of Dark Souls was a beloved feature, it may have been challenging to navigate such a complex world on mobile devices.

5. Shadow of Death

Shadow of Death is one of the best examples of a 2D hack-and-slash game. The game features a silhouetted world with hostile creatures that want to kill you. You get to choose from four different warriors, each with unique abilities and playstyles, similar to the build concept found in the Souls series. The combat is fast-paced and stylish, with wave-based levels and creatively designed enemies. As you progress through the game, you unlock new abilities and usable items.

Efb350bb90d5dc1f49555363f36a0ee1 Screen
Shadow of Death

The game does not offer much in terms of exploration, likely due to the limitations of the art style. The silhouette environments can be visually confusing, making exploration difficult. Although the game's art design may not be award-winning, the combat in Shadow of Death is satisfying to control and visually appealing, satisfying both the Devil May Cry itch as well as the desire for a Souls-like game.

6. Way of Retribution

Way of Retribution is a unique take on the Souls-like genre that adopts an MMORPG-style gameplay, with the game's design resembling Neverwinter. The game places you in regions with lots of adversaries and a boss to take down, but there's a twist: you have to finish the level's objectives before taking on the boss. There are a variety of starting classes available in the game, each with their own specializations in battle.

Screen 5
Way of Retribution

Similar to previous games in the genre, the player locks onto foes and uses symbols for particular attacks during combat. Even though the gameplay differs from classic Souls-style games, it's still a unique experience that blends the greatest elements of both genres. The game is also simple to download and play.

7. Watcher Chronicles

Watcher Chronicles wastes no time in identifying itself as a 2D Souls-like game, placing you in a dungeon with a sword and armor. The gameplay is similar to Blasphemous, but with a cleaner art style and less disturbing visual design. The combat is seamless, allowing for dodge rolling, blocking, and ranged combat to aid you in challenging situations.

Maxresdefault 1
Watcher Chronicles

Though the cartoonish art style may be unattractive at times, it quickly evolves and reveals some truly exceptional enemy designs, making Watcher Chronicles proficient in its basic features. The difficulty is well-balanced, the weapons are satisfying, the bosses are impressive, and the game motivates you to experiment with different play styles, as the best RPGs do.

8. Grimvalor

Strangely similar to the previous game, Grimvalor is a 2D hack-and-slash Souls-like that places emphasis on platforming and agile combat. However, Grimvalor differs by pulling the camera further back to increase visibility of the surroundings, which is beneficial for precision platforming. The game provides a double jump and a powerful dash for level traversal, which seamlessly integrates with combat.

Grimvalor A 2d Rpg Dark Souls Like Game Is Availab

Enemies are fairly predictable in telegraphing their attacks, but the game remains challenging. The difficulty level is well-balanced, with the basics thoroughly tutorialized before the game presents any significant challenges. Although Grimvalor is very linear and can be visually dull at times, the gameplay is enjoyable and satisfying, making players feel powerful.

9. Swordigo

Swordigo is heavily influenced by the Souls-like genre, with an emphasis on difficult fighting and exploration. You play as a youthful hero tasked with defending the land from an evil entity in the game. The enemy assaults are telegraphed and must be avoided or deflected in this fast-paced, timing-sensitive fight.

As you progress through the game, you'll acquire new abilities and weapons that will let you take down increasingly difficult foes.

Screen 0

10. Dark Raider

A 2D side-scrolling action game called Dark Raider is strikingly similar to the Soulsborne series. You are thrust into a sinister and ominous environment with undead warriors and demonic monsters in the game. Dodging, parrying, and having quick reactions are all crucial for surviving in fast-paced combat. The game's difficulty is high, but not punishingly so, and mastering its combat systems can be extremely satisfying.

Screen 3
Dark Raider

The level design in Dark Raider is one of its best qualities. Each region has a complex layout with secret passages, obstacles, and other features to find. Exploration leads to the discovery of strong tools and priceless objects, which gives the game a strong sense of progression. The game's setting is also rich in lore, and the plot is gradually revealed as you advance.

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