A year ago, Bright Memory - a first-person action-adventure game has caught the eyes of many people. The game didn't only gain a lot of praise from the gaming community with its splendid graphics and breath-taking gameplay, but also from the fact that's the work from just one man!

And as time goes by, the game looks prettier and prettier through many events. Here's one trailer back in E3 2019, which you can admire:

The story of Bright Memory

Bright Memory takes the settings of a future world, in which a research organization called Natural Science Research Organization (SRO) has found a mystery sword. They've come across the sword while investigating a murder case in a cultural artifact.

Bright Memory Showed Off Its Impressive Shooting A
SRO has found a mysterious sword in their investigation

Later, they've found that there is a mystical element in the sword that can revive dead creatures. As deadly and powerful the sword is, the organization tries to keep it in secret, but in vain. Later, there's a military organization named SAI has breach into SRO's research base, stealing the material away.

Bright Memory Showed Off Its Impressive Shooting A
SAI has broken into the place to steal the sword

Hence, they bring the transmitter to the Arctic to accomplishing their hidden task, and SRO will have to save them.

Bright Memory Showed Off Its Impressive Shooting A
SAI has taken the sword to the Arctics - where there are a lot of ancient creatures

You'll take control of a member of the research organization - Shelia - shoot and slice her way through many soldiers and ancient creatures to stop SAI.

Special gameplay features

From many trailers appearing the last year, people can only guess that Bright Memory is a first-person shooter with a lot of stylish actions and fast-paced combats. However, not until Tokyo Game Show 2019 can we confirmed our predictions.

The one-man developer FYQD-Studio has never stopped to surprise me. In addition to the shooting mechanics, the game requires you to use different abilities to mix your combos up as well.

Bright Memory Showed Off Its Impressive Shooting A
It's the war between modern technology and ancient civilization!

You can do a lot of thing with your advanced equipment, including using your katana to chop your enemies, tie them up with an electric rope or using a hook shot to make use of the environment. You can see the whole action through this RTX-on trailer:

Release date

Due to the fact that the studio behind Bright Memory is literally one man, we can't expect the game to officially launch soon.

However, in order to gather feedback, FYQD has released a beta version on Steam now. It only cost you $6.99, which can't be lower for such a gorgeous game. Even better, if you purchase this early version, you can upgrade to the full version when it comes out for absolutely free!

Bright Memory is due out for PC in an unknown date, but it doesn't matter at all!