The developers Toko Midori and Triple Hill are excited to announce their upcoming fighting title - Die by the Blade. It's going to be published by Grindstone in early 2020.

In order to celebrate this reveal, the publisher has released an in-game visuals trailer. You can have a check on it below:

About Die by the Blade

Even though the trailer above is not full of wow-ish stuff, its gameplay is not going to be the same. According to the developers, Die by the Blade is a sword-fighting game which takes the inspiration from previous titles. To be more specific, they've taken the pros and cons of Bushido Blade and Way of the Samurai into consideration to bring out Die by the Blade.

With that being said, the developers want to follow the modern and realistic approach to sword fighting with this game. Their aim is to keep polishing the game until they reach a golden standard of gameplay. Therefore, we might see the game coming out on Early Access to gather feedback.

Die By The Blade A New Sword Fighting Game Reveale
Die by the Blade takes inspiration from Bushido Blade

Speaking about its gameplay, Die by the Blade mainly focuses on 1v1 matches which reward players for their skills. That's the common approach with fighting games, but Toko Midori and Triple Hill want more than that.

First of all, they have packed the one-hit-kill mechanics in the game. It's not like One Punch Man or through trainers that you just need to hit your opponents one time to kill them. In fact, it's like the backstab in Sekiro, which in certain situations, you can deliver a deadly blow with will cut through their whole HP bar.

Die By The Blade A New Sword Fighting Game Reveale
Turn the whole situation with only one hit!

Secondly, the developers want to deliver a challenging system, in which the progress and updates matter, too. As a result, in this game, you'll get more characters, swords and costumes through making further progress.

Die By The Blade A New Sword Fighting Game Reveale
It's like having two separate games in just 1 pack!

Last but not least, the team may add a cherry on top with a roguelike adventure mode in the future. According to its Steam page, it allows players to get into the story of the game much better, as well as unlock new and rare swords and skins.

Release date

Die by the Blade is coming out for PC through Steam on January 2020. The exact date is January 17, but we can expect the Early Access version to come in the near future.

Die By The Blade A New Sword Fighting Game Reveale
Die by the Blade will launch in early 2020

Are you excited to see this game?