Riot Games has just officially announced that they were working on a brand new project. This gaming company is the creator of League of Legends – one of the most famous MOBA titles in the world. Although League of Legends has been the trademark of this gaming company, Riot Games has to step outside its comfort zone a few times before, with the most successful time is the release of Teamfight Tactics – the autochess game for League of Legends.

Teamfight Tactics 2
Teamfight Tactics is a big success of Riot Games

But this gaming company is making another attempt. Riot Games has announced that it would introduce to the gaming community a fighting game. This information started with the leak of the Cannon brothers. Tom Cannon and Tony Cannon and their team created the famous fighting games Rising Thunder. And then the Cannon brothers’ team has been bought by Riot Games. And in Evo 2019 just recently, Tom Cannon himself confirmed that he and his team were working on a fighting game for Riot Games.

Tom And Tony Cannon
Tom Cannon (left) and Tony Cannon (right)

There has not been any other information being leaked or confirmed by Tom Cannon about this fighting game, not even the name of the game, or would it be a total new title or would it be a feature in League of Legends like Teamfight Tactics. But the fans of the MOBA game expect it would be a fighting game with League of Legends theme.

Just a few hours after the leak of Tom Cannon, Riot Games itself confirmed the information.

Akali Lol League Of Legends Skin Flame
A fighting game with League of Legends theme is what the fans want