Since the beginning of this year 2019, the “auto battler” or “auto chess” game genre has been making the gaming community pay a lot of attention to it. Being born out of nowhere by Drodo Studio with the Dota Auto Chess mod for the game Dota 2, the “auto chess” game genre has been attracting gamers from around the world with its charm and interesting gameplay (that mostly depend on your luck).

Valve and Drodo Studio had some attempts to create an official “auto chess” game for Dota 2, but things did not work out. Valve itself created Dota Underlords, the official “auto chess” game of Dota 2, and this game has gained a lot of success so far, with even some online tournaments and an offline tournament confirmed for this title.

Dota Underlords 3
Dota Underlords is getting hotter and hotter

Seeing the big success of “auto chess” game genre for the MOBA game, Riot Games will be officially releasing its own “auto chess” game for its MOBA game League of Legends, which will be called Teamfight Tactics. This is not a standalone game, Teamfight Tactics will be a gameplay mode in the main client of League of Legends. For League of Legends players, you just need to update your game client to the newest patch, which will be the 9.13 patch.

Teamfight Tactics Release Date
Teamfight Tactics

This 9.13 patch of League of Legends will be released in a few days, but the exact release time for each region is a bit different. We have gathered here the exact time 9.13 patch being released:

Tuesday (6/25)

• Oceania
• Japan

Wednesday (6/26)

North America

• Turkey
• Russia
• Europe Nordic & East and Europe West

Thursday (6/27)

• Thailand
• The Philippines
• Singapore
• Korea
• Vietnam
• Taiwan

Friday (6/28)

• Brazil
• Latin America North
• Latin America South

Tft 1
Teamfight Tactics will be for everyone really soon

This gameplay mode has been released in Public Beta Environment (PBE) server – the testing server of League of Legends for more than a week and streamers have been streaming Teamfight Tactics all over Twitch. A huge number of League of Legends fans have been watching this mode ever since because they have not been able to play. But they will be really soon.

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