Since the Dota Underlords being released, we have seen some huge progress of this newest title by Valve. This game has not only gathered a huge number of concurrent players (far more than Artifact’s number), but also had some online tournament for itself already. However, just recently, we have heard about the first offline championship for Dota Underlords being confirmed.

Dota Underlords Ios Screenshot A Spectral Ship Att
Dota Underlords is having its first offline tournament

The ESL One Hamburg 2019 tournament (which will take place in October 2019 in Hamburg, Germany) was originally only for the game Dota 2 (all ESL One tournaments are for one game only). But now, the organizers of this tournament has just announced that this ESL One Hamburg 2019 will also feature a smaller tournament for the game Dota Underlords as a side activity to the main tournament.

Esl Hamburg 2019 Dota2 Fb Tickets
ESL One Hamburg 2019 will feature a tournament for Valve's newest title

This tournament for Dota Underlords is open for all kinds of gamers – from pro players to regular players - to take part in, and it will feature a prize pool of €5000 – about $5700 dollars/nearly Rs 0,04 crore. More information of this side tournament will be announced soon before the ESL One Hamburg 2019 officially kicks off.

ESL One Hamburg 2019 will take place from October 25th to October 27th, and this tournament features a prize pool of $300,000 dollars (nearly Rs 2,08 crores) for 12 pro teams of Dota 2 to compete. This game genre was just born in January this year, and this it was literally born out of nowhere. Drodo Studio introduced a mod for Dota 2 in January called Dota Auto Chess, and it quickly became extremely hot in the gaming community all over the world.

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No more Dota Auto Chess, we have Dota Underlords now

Drodo Studio and Valve attempted to create a partnership for an officially “auto chess” game for Dota 2 but failed. Nevertheless, Valve now has its own Dota Underlords, while the PC version of the Auto Chess title by Drodo Studio will be available on Epic Store soon.