After only one week since the closed beta, the city of White Spire has finally opened for everyone. Now not only for the players who bought The International 2019 Battle Pass, but any Dota 2 player can join the fights in Dota Underlords - a new tactic game by Valve.

Everyone can join Dota Underlords right now!

The beta version of Dota Underlords is currently accessible on Steam, Google Play, and App Store.

In its official announcement, Valve has revealed some interesting features that come with the open beta or will be implemented later.

Dota Underlords 3
The game is also available on mobile platforms.

For example, the game has multiple releases on different platforms and actually is also cross-platform. That means you can close your game on mobile and start the Steam client on your PC, launch Dota Underlords, and continue playing your game.

Ranked Matchmaking ladder has been already added to the game, along with lobbies and an "offline mode" which allows you to practice with four different levels of AI.

Underlords 1
There are more features to come!

Despite being in the beta stage, Valve promised that there will be more to come in Dota Underlords. The upcoming features will include a Battle Pass, cosmetics, replay feature, seasonal hero rotation, and "other new features".

There is no specific release date for these features, but we can expect them to come out very soon. We have seen in the last week that Valve has been very active to make Dota Underlords a better game.

Now we should keep our eyes on the race between Valve and Riot Games.  Riot Games' adaptation of Dota Auto Chess named Teamfight Tactics is receiving a lot of attention.

Teamfight Tactics Champion Synergies Guide
Another version of Dota Auto Chess developed by Riot Games.

When Teamfight Tactics hit the Public Beta Environment a few days ago, a huge number of people has been watching it on Twitch platform. However, being on the test server means only a small number of people are allowed to play the game. Meanwhile, Dota Underlords has reached more than 150.000 concurrent players. Let's see what will be the next move of Riot Games in this interesting competition.