Previously, we've announced you about League of Legends' new game mode - Teamfight Tactics. At that time, Riot Games only provides us the overview of the game, and promise the open date of the beta test.

And that day is today! Teamfight Tactics finally hit the PBE server, and immediately gained a lot of attention from both viewers and players. Maybe too much for the developer as well!

Teamfight Tactics became the top-viewed game on Twitch only in hours of release

Immediately after launch, Teamfight Tactics (TFT for short) has secured the top spot in Twitch’s list of live games.

As the game mode appears on League's PBE server, Twitch counts it as a separate game from League of Legends. This algorithm means that both League of Legends and TFT have its own viewer count distinctively.

Even with that, Teamfight Tactics still soars in popularity. Specifically, it has surpassed various extremely popular titles such as Fortnite Battle Royal, Grand Theft Auto 5 and even League of Legends itself. The numbers of viewers at the exact time of this article was over 190.000 people, and it still shows no sign of dropping.

Teamfight Tactics Hit Twitch Top Played Game Within Hours Of Beta Release
Teamfight Tactics hit Twitch's top live game list

This case is very reasonable, as League is already among the most popular games nowadays (if not the most famous one). Additionally, there are a lot of big streamer names such as Scarra, Sneaky or Imaqtpie are trying the game on Amazon's streaming services. Last but not least, the "autobattler" games are very trendy now, as the case of Auto Chess still maintains its great fanbase.

Teamfight Tactics Hit Twitch Top Played Game Within Hours Of Beta Release
Auto Chess was so successful as Valve made its standalone title Dota Underlords as well!

Those are the reasons behind the not-so-surprising success of Teamfight Tactics!

Flooded by the flow of players, the PBE's queue line has been stuck with over 9,000 players are waiting to experience this game mode. Remember, it's only PBE server, in which there are decently fewer players on it than the official servers.

Teamfight Tactics Hit Twitch Top Played Game Within Hours Of Beta Release
The server can't handle that amount of players

I can't imagine how the situation could be when the game officially comes out to public servers in the patch 9.13 next week!

Brief introduction of Teamfight Tactics

We've already had an article on how Teamfight Tactics will be, but I will still give you a brief overview of the game here:

Teamfight Tactics is League of Legend's latest game mode which takes the inspiration from the increasingly popular title - Dota Auto Chess. This mode will bring up-to-eight people into a chess-like table, competing in a survival battle.

Teamfight Tactics Hit Twitch Top Played Game Within Hours Of Beta Release
Eight people will take part in a game of TFT

Players will have to carefully plan their line-up, buy suitable champions, equip them with items and throw them into the battle. Each champions combination will unlock specials stats and abilities, so players can choose from a variety of options that best match with their styles.

Through each round, the damages will be calculated based on the unit still standing on the battlefield, and you'll have chances to spend your golds to further upgrade your troops.

In TFT, your personal skills and masteries is not going to pay out. Instead, strategies are the most important element that will lead you to victory!

Its features are basically similar to Dota Auto Chess, but it's for League of Legends players who want to see their favorite champions fighting automatically on the board.

Teamfight Tactics Hit Twitch Top Played Game Within Hours Of Beta Release
Players want to find out how champions' skills will be on the battle

The game is still in beta state, so there will be a lot of bugs and errors existing. Hopefully, Riot Games will have enough time to complete it prior to the official release on June 25!