Valve has its own say in tactic genre

One week since the semi-beta release, Dota Underlords - a new tactic game developed by Valve - has been introduced to its first live event. The tournament will start along with the Dota 2 competition ESL One Hamburg 2019 which begins on October 20.

Vavlve introduced the very first tournament of Dota Underlords.

There is not much information revealed about the upcoming competition held by ESL. While we've already known the prize pool will be 5,000 euro, its format and qualifying rounds still lay untold.

Esl Hamburg 2019 Dota2 Intropost
ELS will be responsible for this competition.

The list of professional players is having the same treatment. There will be the ones who came to Dota Auto Chess earlier, like Hearthstone player Jason "Amaz" Chan and Chris "Fenomeno" Tsakopoulos, or some of the Dota 2 star, or someone else entirely new?

A huge opportunity for the Auto Chess community

Coming out in February, Dota Auto Chess quickly grew in popularity. The title turned itself from a custom game in Dota 2 into one of the most popular titles in the e-Sport industry. The game successfully attracted millions of followers. With its own energetic community, Dota Auto Chess has boasted many competitions, mostly organized by well-known gaming companies including Twitch Rivals and ImbaTV.

Dota Auto Chess 1
Dota Auto Chess' journey begins in the custom game section in Dota 2.

Dota Auto Chess players have witnessed an intense race among game developers over recent weeks. Drodo Studio, the team behind the original Dota Auto Chess, revealed that it developed a standalone PC version of Auto Chess exclusively for Epic Games Store. Shortly after, Riot Games joined the fight with its brand-new adaptation named Teamfight Tactics.

Teamfight Tactics Champion Synergies Guide
Teamfight Tactics - Another version of Dota Auto Chess developed by Riot Games.

Dota Underlords is the newest response from Valve. One week after being available for The International 2019 Battle Pass owners, the game has finally come to Steam, iOS, and Android with an open beta. Despite being in the middle of an intense race, Dota Underlords is much likely to become a successful title. With its well-rounded foundation, the game has many advantages to grow into a real eSports. In addition, if Dota Underlords keeps getting more tournaments, its direct rivals should be careful with their next moves.