Coming from Fortnite developer Epic Games, Battle Breakers is a hero collecting RPG that was actually soft-launched all the way back in 2017. Now, the game is officially available for PC, Android, and iOS. Check out its trailer below:

The idea of the game is that monsters from space have captured Earth’s mightiest heroes and imprisoned them inside some crystals. Now, your task is to free them in order to fend off the alien monstrosities.

In terms of the gameplay, you'll assemble a team of 6 heroes to take on the game's various dungeons whose layouts are presented in the form of a grid with the floor being made up of gems. You will smash these gems one by one to reveal more of the map with the goal being to find the key and then make it to the exit.

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Assemble a team of 6 heroes to explore the dungeons

Sometimes smashing the gems will give you a treasure, but some other times doing so will reveal enemies that you must overcome in combat. And speaking of combat, it’s a turn-based affair in which you select a target and then pick a hero to attack it with. There’s also a special ability that you can perform by swiping on the screen, but this comes with a cooldown, so you can only use it once in a while. Moreover, interactions between different types of elemental damage is a factor here as well.

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The layouts of the dungeons are presented in the form of a grid with gems to smash to reveal more things

Battle Breakers allegedly offers more than a thousand dungeons to explore alongside hundreds of heroes to collect via a Gacha-style system. The game does come with cross-platform support for you to transfer your progress between your PC and mobile device. Additionally, there’s a Battle Pass too because as we all know, Epic Games loves Battle Passes.

Battle Breakers now available for PC, Android, and iOS as a free-to-play title with IAPs.

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