Corepunk is an upcoming top-down MMORPG from Artificial Core that has mixed the style of Cyberpunk, Diablo, and Ultima Online into one game. You can check out the trailer of Corepunk below.

The game has a wide open world of nature and wilderness for players to explore. With the top-down perspective, this will be a much more pleasant experience when compared to other MMORPGs. There is a total of 4 distinct cultures in this land and lots of locations for players to explore such as a small camp in the middle of an unnamed desert or a huge flourishing city with activities.

Players are absolutely free in this world. You can choose to do whatever missions you want to do first without being restricted by the game's order. Alternate endings and branching quests allow players to have unique experiences every time they play.

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Dynamic weather, the fog of war, and day/night cycles will keep players engaging all the time

In order to start a journey, you will have to create your character first. The game features up to 12 characters, each with their own special abilities and playstyle. As you progress in the game, you will be able to upgrade your power through the talents and artifacts that you collect. Your build will depend mostly on your attributes stat.

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The game features up to 12 unique characters

Trading and crafting will also be a very important aspect of Corepunk. The game introduces a complex and rich economy system just like any other MMORPG.

The fog of war mechanic, dynamic weather, and day/night cycles will keep players engaging all the time. While it seems annoying at first, you will find it very useful and be able to take advantage of it later into the game.

The open beta stage of Corepunk will be starting in Q4 next year for PC.