People have always said that human being is sitting on top of the food chain and will always do, but not all species agree about that. Maneater will put you to the shoes of a man-eating shark that will show you who is the true apex predator of the world.

Maneater is the upcoming shark RPG from the developer Tripwire which allows you to evolve if you've eaten enough of certain types of humans. If you're not familiar with this name, Tripwire is the developer behind the Killing Floor, but this time, it will bring to the scene another blood-thirsty monster.

Below is the trailer for the game at The Game Awards 2019, which you can have a look:

Overview on Maneater

The developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive has introduced their latest game in a humorous way: human has killed over 10 crores of sharks per year, but only five humans were eaten by sharks. That's not a fair number at all, and it's time for the aquatic predators to strike back. And the holiday can't be a better chance to pull off this mission.

To be more specific, Maneater takes the settings of the southern US Gulf Coast, where people flooded her to enjoy their vacation with bright sun and warm water. However, they'll never notice a danger hiding from the radar under the water - the man-eating shark. Controlling this dangerous creature, you'll have to survive in the open ocean, while looking for the chance to get your most delicious meals.

Maneater Tga 2019 New Trailer 2
The shark is coming to the coast in search for its meal

Basically, Maneater is a single-player action RPG with a lot of similarities to another shark game - Jaw Unleashed. However, this new one from Tripwire has more potentials to provide, as it's an open-world RPG that allows you to freely do everything you want - as long as you don't die of danger or starving. Eat - Explore - Evolve, that's what you can do in this game.

To be more specific, you'll control your shark wandering underneath the water, through rivers and streams to find food. Easy as it might sound, the in-game world is not polluted like our real world, so it has a lot of species for you to consume, from the jellyfish to shrimps and many things else apart from plastic bags and bottles. You can also take this chance to freely explore the deep and beautiful world under the sea that's embellished by sunken wrecks and corals.

Maneater Tga 2019 New Trailer 3
The aquatic world is free for you to explore

However, you're not only here to eat, but to pay some revenge as well. Human has killed a huge number of your species, and it's time for you to strike back. Hiding from the most unexpected place, you will launch yourself onto the surface at rip off human limbs, giving them a reason to fear the underwater threat. Furthermore, they're also on your menu list as well, and they're delicious!

Maneater Tga 2019 New Trailer 6
Human is your favorite food

If you eat enough of humans, you can evolve yourself to become even more dangerous. You'll grow inside, your jaws will get stronger, and you can even equip yourself with dangerous armors that give you the ability to deliver electric shocks. You can customize what you want to turn into!

Maneater Tga 2019 New Trailer 7
What can be more dangerous than an electrifying shark?

Release date and supported platforms

For PC, Maneater is announced to be an Epic Games Store-exclusive and will stay there for a year until getting to other storefronts.

Maneater Tga 2019 New Trailer 4
Maneater will come to PC and consoles in May 2020

For consoles, the game will come out for all major devices, including PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Both the PC and consoles version will reach the public on May 20, 2020 - the holiday times to remind people about the danger of shark.