The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has seen a lot of great mods throughout its history now, but none of them received the same success as The Forgotten City. It's a mod the features 6-8 hours of gameplay and story about time-manipulation and is the first one in the history to win a national Writers' Guild award.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
The Forgotten City has received a lot of awards for its good even as a game mod

Recognizing its potentials, the developer of the mod - Modern Storyteller has decided to turn it into a standalone game. And as the development progress going on, the publisher Dear Villagers has secured the publishing rights of The Forgotten City.

If you can't afford to try Skyrim and this mod yet, here's the best chance for you to try the game, have a look into your past and investigate a mysterious murder case of yourself. Watch the trailer below for the best illustration

The story of The Forgotten City

This 'new' game from the developer Modern Storyteller will keep exactly the same concept as the highly-acclaimed Skyrim mod, bring you back to ancient Rome in an underground city. There live 26 lost souls that were bound with each other to follow the Golden Rule, stating that everyone will be affected by one's sin, which means only one breaks the Golden Rule, he/she will kill everyone.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
Follows the journey to the ancient city with the bind of the Golden Rule

Following that rule, you'll get back to your last moment in life. You come back here to investigate the mysterious murder that changes the whole fate of the city. The only things that help you in this journey are your wisdom, and if things go wrong, you still have your time-manipulating ability here with you. It allows you to go back to the beginning, and use your knowledge from the previous tour to aids you with your current investigation.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
Interact with the inhabitants to find clues through their words

In order to get clues about the murder mystery, you'll have to interrogate people, adventure through the city for hidden paths and secrets, and make moral decisions that will make your heart wrench. Every decision you make will change the entire outcome of the daily lives of the citizens, and overall bring you to a different ending.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
Your decisions will change the fate of the entire city

Will you be able to use time-loop to your advantage? And will the answer you're looking for is what you've expected?

Gameplay features

The Forgotten City used to be a fan-mod with a decent group of casts and developers, but the help of Dear Villagers, the developer Modern Storyteller now can further polish the game's visuals, enrich its story with new features as well as get access to professional voicing actors.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
The game's visual looks stunningly beautiful now

Basically, The Forgotten City is an adventure RPG, where you'll step in the shoes of a time-traveler, looking into the mysterious murder case that only a time-traveler can solve. Your job is to make the best use of your time to gather clues: whether wandering in the city or interrogating the suspects - you need to get the most clues out of your run before having to try again.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
Featuring some new features comparing with the original mod

The special thing about this game is its choice-driven mechanics, where your decisions will change to whole loop of the day, and overall affect the destiny of its inhabitants. It's a dark story, so you can expect to strike through a lot of real-life issues, such as morality, humanism and many things else.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
Will you be able to save this ancient city?

Featuring multiple endings, orchestral soundtrack and fully-voiced dialogues,  8 hours of the game will not be enough for detective craving souls.

Release date

With this introduction of the new publisher, The Forgotten City will be delayed until Winter 2020 for the sake of bringing the best experience for enthusiasts.

The Forgotten City Delay Announcement New Trailer
The Forgotten City will launch for PC in Winter 2020

It will launch for PC via Steam, and you can add the game to your Wishlist in order not to miss any new updates on this awesome mod-turned game!