Being able to analyze what other people are thinking is a huge plus in real life, but it's a must in Interrogation. The time is limited, and you must be quick to stop the terrorist organization before they destroy the peace in this world.

Interrogation is a noir thriller game from the developer Critique Gaming, and the publisher Mixtvision will be the one bringing the game to PC and Switch. Below is the teaser trailer of the game, in which you can have a look to see how our detective finds clues from the witnesses' words.

The story of Interrogation

Interrogation takes the concept of the modern world, facing the threat of terrorism. Stepping into the shoes of a lead investigator, you'll have to work with your team and find clues on the location of the terrorist group - The Liberation Front. The organization is planning on something very devastating, and you'll have to find them and put the stop to their plan before it succeeded.

Interrogation Pc Switch December 6 6
Find the Liberation Front and stop their plan

Everything is limited, including time, budget, and the suspects as well. Hence, you'll have to balance your cost while maintaining your relationship with the citizens to find the suspects.  There are not a lot of suspects that you can pull some information from them, and none of them will open your mouth easily.

Hence, you'll have to rely on your interrogating skills to come to them with the right approach. The terrorists will surely not wait for you, and the closer you get to them, the more difficult you can find clues from the suspects.

Interrogation Pc Switch December 6 5
Choose the right approach to talk to the suspects

Portraying many relevant objects in real life such as terrorism, corruption, police's aggressiveness, Interrogation will raise some meaningful moral questions in the players. Will you be able to protect the peace in such a chaotic world?

Key features

As I've mentioned, Interrogation is a noir thriller game with some puzzling elements. You'll have to draw the whole picture of the story from pieces of clues to find the terrorist group - The Liberation Front. The puzzles in this game are quite challenging, and your choices will lead you to a completely different ending.

Interrogation Pc Switch December 6 2
The puzzles in this game are not too hard

But that's the later story, as the most intriguing feature of this game is the interrogating progress. From the trailer, you can see that you need to care about a lot of things before asking questions to the suspects. Your crew will give you a file containing background information of the suspect, and you'll have to skim through to choose an appropriate approach.

Interrogation Pc Switch December 6 3
The profile of the suspects will give you better insights

From there, you'll choose the kinds of questions that they'll be likely to give answers to. Whether to threaten them, sympathize or raise their guilt, it all relies on your analyzation. Fortunately, the game gives you a parameter on the suspects' heartbeat, so you can tell whether they're lying or telling the truth.

Last but not least, you only have a limited amount of time before the terrorists deploy their plan. Together with the urging music, you'll find your heartbeat raising as you come closer to interact with over 35 realistic characters in this game. There are several endings for you to retry, including both happy, sad or mixed feelings that you'd enjoy.

Interrogation Pc Switch December 6 1
You can see the clock and the parameter on the top-right corner

Release date and supported platforms

Interrogation is coming for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam on December 6.

Interrogation Pc Switch December 6 7
Interrogation will come out for PC this December

There will be a Switch version of the game as well, but it won't launch sooner than Spring 2020.