The developer Polygon Treehouse - the developers consists of former staff at Sony - has opened up about their latest project namely Roki for a while. The game has made its debut on E3 2019, reveals more gameplay images at Gamescom 2019, and released a time-limited free demo today!

Roki is a beautiful adventure game that takes the settings of the snowy landscape of Scandinavia, telling the story of a young girl exploring the world of folklore and mythology. The game has stolen the hearts of fans with its early version thanks to its gorgeous visuals and an intriguing story with legends from Scandinavian folklore.

Below is the trailer of the game back in Gamescom 2019, and you can give it a look to see the game in detail:

Overview on Roki

We have given you an in-depth preview on Roki back in September, and you can easily find it here for specific information. However, for the sake of saving your time, here is the sum-up version of the game:

Roki puts you in the beautiful snowy mountainous landscape of Scandinavia, as you'll step in the shoe of a young girl with a bobble hat - Tove. Her family has encountered something unusual and is nowhere to be found now, so Tove has to make her journey through the land to find out what happened and save her previous family.

Roki Free Demo Pc Steam 1
Tove on her journey to a long-forgotten land to rescue her family

However, the legends that she heard from the ancient story turns out to be true, as she comes across a hidden and forgotten world, contains strange creatures and strange locations. With a flaming heart and a wise mind, will Tove be able to unravel its secrets? You'll find out the early parts of her journey through this demo.

Roki Free Demo Pc Steam 3
Meets a lot of strange creatures

Basically, Roki used to be a point-n-click adventure game but has transformed into a modern free-movement adventure game back at Gamescom 2019. Following the trails of Tove, players will have the chance to admire the atmospheric graphics of the snowy mountains as well as the extraordinary places that only exist in Scandinavian fairy tales.

There, Tove will have to find clues on where her family has gone. In order to do that, she'll have to solve multiple puzzles to unlock hidden locations, finding mysterious items and learn about the forgotten legends from them. And since a lone journey is impossible for a normal girl, Tove will be able to meet exotic creatures on her way and make friends with them.

Roki Free Demo Pc Steam 4
Not every creature in this land is a dangerous one

With a quirky story portrayed by visually-stunning graphics and ambient soundtracks, Roki is a great choice to immerse in to relax in your free time.

Free demo available for a short time

To celebrate The Game Awards 2019, the publisher United Label is currently running a free demo of Roki on Steam.

It will last only this weekend and will disappear afterward, so you'd probably love to spend your time immersing on this snowy adventure. Enjoy!