We first saw Röki back in two years ago, and it immediately caught my eyes with its attractive Scandinavian settings and gorgeous visuals. At that time, the game was only a point-and-click adventure, but I still expect something extraordinary with this title.

And the indie developer Polygon Treehouse doesn't let me down. Getting over the inside struggles, it finally brought Röki to Gamescom 2019. Here's the trailer of the game at the event, and you should plug your earphone in to get the full experience with the mesmerizing music:

About Röki

Stepping in the world Röki is like stepping in the Scandinavian folklore with magnificent landscape. In fact, Polygon Treehouse has primed their debut title as an adventure game with "a dark contemporary fairy tale".

In this game, you'll take control of a brave girl with a bobble hat. She's Tove, exploring this snow-covering world to find her lost family and save them. Her journey is going to be no other, as she will have to dig deep into the hidden world in the lost folklore that not many people have remembered.

Roki Gets New Trailer Release Date 6
Meets Tove - a brave girl on her journey to save her family

The world will throw a range of unexpected events to her, including encountering strange creatures in strange locations. Therefore, Tove will have to choose who would be her allies and who are enemies, and initially, solve the mystery and save her family.

Special gameplay features

Polygon Treehouse received a huge gift while making RökiSpecifically, two co-founders of it - Alex Kanaris and Tom Jones was cast away by Sony after Guerrilla Cambridge shutdown. The veteran art director that have total experience of 28 years decided to join hands. And together, they created a new project that soon turns in to Röki!

Even better, as it has transformed from a point-n-click game into a brand new adventure game with free movement mechanics. This is a major improvement in gameplay, giving players the abilities to freely exploring without any limitations.

Roki Gets New Trailer Release Date 4
You can freely move in Röki now

As I've mentioned, in this game, you'll have to control Tove to make her journey finding her family back. In order to do that, she'll have to throw herself into this mysterious snowy world, finding her path and clues to unravel the secrets behind this world. The mystery will be told through various puzzles that she'll have to solve.

On her way through this while landscape, she'll encounter a lot of monsters from Scandinavian folklore, who are either your friends or your enemies. From the 15-minute demo at Gamescom, I can ensure that Röki's character looks creepy but cute ath the same time, and it might give you some knowledge of Nordic's myth.

Röki Gets New Trailer Release Date 1
You'll meet a lot of strange creatures, some are friendly, some are not.

Further exploring this world will fill up her inventory with items, which are mandatory for solving puzzles. Speaking about items, they're actually the core parts of this game, as you must combine them to open your path to the next place.

Roki Gets New Trailer Release Date 2
Find items and clues to unravel the mystery of this world

Last but not least, Tove records all of her progress daily grail diaries. Therefore, you can see your whole adventure back while sitting and relaxing, and maybe writing another epic folklore by yourself!

Roki Gets New Trailer Release Date 3
Tove keeps all of her memories in her trusty diary

“An ADVENTURE For ALL” - that's what Polygon Treehouse wants Röki to be. They'll make that dream come true by bringing non-violent gameplay, fascinating themes, alluring art style and easy-to-get-used to control.

It's not going to be spoon-fed, as Röki actually pose some challenges for hard-core gamers, but it will give some little hints for newbies that want to experience the whole story.

Roki Gets New Trailer Release Date 5
It's truly a game for all!

Release date and supported platforms

Röki is bringing its touching story to PC in Winter 2019. At first, the developer only planned to release it for PC, but it recently added Nintendo Switch to the list as well.