I highly recommend running away as soon as you see some kinds of mysterious creatures. However, in Home Sweet Home Episode 2, fighting against them is not a bad idea either.

This sequel to last year cult-hit is bringing the horror very close to us now. Here's the trailer of the game, but consider watch it without your children behind you:

The story of Home Sweet Home Episode 2

The horror settings from Thai cultures have brought a lot of success for the first Home Sweet Home game. Hence, keeping this momentum, the developer YGGDRAZIL Game continued to bring the Thai-inspired evils back to this sequel - Home Sweet Home Episode 2!

In this game, you'll take control of the main protagonist - Tim. He's on the search for his missing wife for a while but still stuck in nowhere close to the truth. One day, he somehow wakes up to find himself in a strange forest. Tim feels that he might have found something about his wife disappearance, so he decides to explore this new environment.

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Announced 2
Tim will have to find his wife in this eerie jungle

However, the truth doesn't come that easy. Soon he'll end up being encircled by the villagers - who have strange behaviors due to the possession of some kind of wicked spirit and an invisible evil Thai Dancer. Trying to survive, Tim will have to get deeper inside the forest, avoiding the evil and find clues about his missing wife.

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Announced 5
A mysterious Thai Dancer has haunted this village

Special features in this game

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 continues to use the Thai myth and folklore in both making its hostile world and storyline. But unlike the last prequel, you don't have to just run from the evils anymore. Now, you can fight back those spirits chasing you with your collection weapons. Running from problems is not my kind either!

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Announced 4
But I don't want to fight those villagers with just a knife!

However, with this such big problems, avoiding them is still the best choice you can make. In Home Sweet Home Episode 2, the enemies will outnumber you if you choose to go face to face, and it's definitely not a good choice. Instead, you can evade them, hide and choose the proper time to strike. You'll need to keep stealth and combat together to survive the evils.

Last but not least, you'll have to solve some mind-blowing puzzles to rescue your wife. The more you progress in this hostile jungle, the more pieces of truth you can find about your wife. Of course, if you can survive until that point.

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Announced 3
Don't forget to find clues to rescue your wife!

Release dates

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 is coming out for PC through Steam on September 25.

Home Sweet Home Episode 2 Announced 1
The evil from Thai folklore is coming to you in December

Meanwhile, you can wishlist the game now so that you won't miss its release.