Baldimore's Highschool is a horror game that draws inspirations from popular horror franchises such as Five Nights at Freddy’s, Granny, and – most prominently – Baldi’s Basics. It was originally launched on to a warm reception and has recently made its way to Google Play.

Baldi’s Basics gained a lot of attention back in 2018 after becoming part of a Game Jam. From what we can tell, it started out as kind of an educational game before ultimately adding a sharp horror twist. You are guided through the school by your teacher Baldi, who constantly gives you hints on how to progress. There comes a point, however, where he finally snaps and decides to hunt you down with a ruler. It’s a pretty weird concept that somehow seems to attract a very passionate fanbase, much like Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Baldis Basics
Baldi's Basics is an educational game with a horror twist

Baldimore’s Highschool, meanwhile, is much more of a traditional horror experience. You can see it right in the game’s visuals, which has ditched Baldi's Basics' ugly (in a good way) style in favor of dark corridors and monsters with glowing eyes. It is supposedly a better-looking game, but you could argue that Basics' weirdness is what creates its charm.

Baldimore Highschool
Dark places with creepy monsters are a common sight in Baldimore’s Highschool

In any case, check out the trailer for Baldimore’s Highschool below, which shows a levitating, t-posing teddy bear and a few of the puzzles that you’ll encounter throughout the game:

The game was quite a big hit when it debuted on last year, and this Android port will reportedly include new endings and updated cutscenes, which are nice additions indeed. Moreover, there’ll also be more items for you to find as well as more hidden secrets to discover.

If you want to take Baldimore's Highschool out on a spin, you can download it for free right now from Google Play. Naturally, being a free release means IAPs are to be expected.