Recently, at PAX West, tinyBuild publisher announced Black Skylands, a new top-down action RPG. You can check out the PAX West trailer of Black Skylands below.

In a world where Earth turned into thousands of islands, you will be played as a captain of an airship. According to the trailer, the end of humanity is near unless you can find a way into the Black Skylands, a scavenger’s paradise. That is the only way to find peace and prosperity. But the journey won't be easy as you will have to face the swarm hidden in the depths of the Black Islands. There will be battles both in the sky and on land.

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Roaming around the world to find the Black Skylands

The game features up to 30 different weapons and kinds of bullets. Furthermore, you can also customize your character, your abilities, and upgrades for your ship. Level up yourself by unlocking ship and upgrades. Travel around the world and find the 10 ancient artifacts to obtain unique special abilities.

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There are up to 30 weapons with all kinds of bullets

Black Skylands introduces an open world consists of 50 different islands, each with their own unique traits with forest, desert, farm, urban biomes and above all, the Black Skylands. Using the pixel art style along with deep RPG elements, day/night cycle, and tons of secrets, Black Skylands is promised to be a great title for RPG fans when it comes out next year.

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Combat enemies both in the sky and on land

Black Skylands is being developed by Hungry Couch Games and will be coming for PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One in Q4 2020. While the game is far from being finished yet, the developer has opened the sign-up for the Alpha of Black Skylands on the official website for players to get a chance to experience the game beforehand.

We will update you further information about the game as soon as possible.