Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR is a realistic fishing experience. With the latest graphics technology, fish AI, you will find yourself fishing in the middle of a beautiful landscape right at your house. You can check out the trailer of Ultimate Fishing Simulator below.

In the Ultimate Fishing Simulator, you will never have to worry about falling asleep, waiting for fish to bite. If you know how to choose suitable equipment and bait, just cast your line, and you will be guaranteed for a catch.

Screen 1
There are several dozen types of fishes for you to catch

Apart from common fishing places such as lakes or river, Ultimate Fishing Simulator also introduces to you a winter map where you can experience ice fishing. And, of course, in order to ice fishing, you need to buy a drill at the store first. Next, find a suitable spot that you like and drill an airhole. Remember to make the hole big enough so fish can go through.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Launch Trailer 0 13 Scr
You can even ice fishing

There is a wide variety of kinds of fishes in the game from small ones like bluegill to bigger ones like Atlantic blue marlin. In the open water area, the game will give you many different choices of boats to choose from including yacht and motorboat.

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You can use a vehicle in the open water area

At the start of the game, players will be only using single particular elements of fishing equipment. As the game progress, players will earn more experience and in-game money to unlock skills and buy more equipment.

There is also a multiplayer mode where you can compete with other players. In First Catch mode, who first catch a fish win and in Total Weight mode, the total weight of all the fish a player has caught will determine the winner.

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The game features many fishing grounds from all around the world

If you are bored with the available maps in the game, remember that you can also create your own map or download the maps created by other players.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR will be released for PC through Steam on August 30.