Does the title ring a bell?

You may have heard that From Software created a virtual reality game. They released Déraciné on PlayStation VR in the last November with support from Sony Interactive Entertainment. Since that point, there's been no further information about that title.

The trailer looks ambitious, trying to present something new to the market

From the developer

At Los Angeles E3 2019, while promoting Metal Wolf Chaos XD, the producer of From Software, Masanori Takeuchi, has answered a few questions regarding their plan for VR games.

It's hard to say Déraciné is a successful title.

According to him, his team doesn't have "solid plans" at the moment. It's because when they created Déraciné, they faced some technical issues due to the limitation of the hardware.

Rendering and depicting process didn't work out well, and even with their experience with PlayStation VR, they couldn't keep things under control.

From Software has no intention of making another VR game right now.

The team behind Déraciné decided to take a step back and consider the development of hardware before going on for another VR title. In fact, Masanori Takeuchi revealed that From Software already had some ideas for possible VR games, but they all agreed to take their time and see what kind of performance they can get from the upcoming PS5 or the next-gen hardware so they could make the best decision.

Another point

In addition, From Software's producer implied that the development of Déraciné would focus on its effect on players, instead of game design. "If they (the players) 're getting sick from low resolution when they move their head or low frame rate or something, we have to reconsider the game design and how to make that a comfortable experience first and foremost," Takeuchi elaborated.

He also insisted that the best choice for the team right now is waiting until they're capable of raising the barrier between the resolution and the FPS. That sounds like a mandatory thing to do if From Software wants to ensure that their players have a true experience with what they really want to deliver.

Google Stadia Thump
Will streaming service bring a new wind to the gaming industry?

In addition, Masanori Takeuchi revealed that for now, From Software has no comment on the upcoming PlayStation 5, Project Scarlett and Google Stadia. But in their opinion, the new hardware and streaming platforms will bring many opportunities for game makers. That would be cool to see developers put their amazing ideas into action with the help of modern technology.