After showcasing a lot of gameplay footages and receiving high rewards on Steam Early Access, the official version of Overdungeon is finally out.

The first time I heard about this title's name, I think it's just another dungeon crawler with some intriguing storyline. However, it turns out that my expectations were all wrong, as it's the creative and unique mixture of a roguelike dungeon crawler, card-based combats, and real-time strategy.

Here's the trailer of the game, and you can see for yourself the beauty of it:

Special features in Overdungeon

Overdungeon is the debut title of the indie developer - Pocket Pair, and they should be proud to deliver such a successful title. According to the developer, Overdungeon is a "completely new style real-time card battle".

Overdungeon Card Based Dungeon Crawler Launched 1
Or even ... a bullet-hell?

That's the minimum summary of what is special in this game, but there's actually a lot more to say. In fact, the game features the most interesting features from a dungeon crawler, a card game, and a real-time strategy game.

Overdungeon Card Based Dungeon Crawler Launched 3
Overdungeon is the mixture of many elements in specific genres

First of all, you'll have to choose your characters and your own path through this dungeon. There are totally 3 characters, including an absent-minded soldier, a shy vampire name Lilith wearing revealing clothes and Sugar - an actual Schrödinger’s cat.

Overdungeon Card Based Dungeon Crawler Launched 5
The anime-style characters in Overdungeon are beautiful

Each character has their own card base, which accounts for over 100 cards in total. Hence, you can try combining many cards together to bring out unexpected effects on your own adventure.

Overdungeon Card Based Dungeon Crawler Launched 7
You can buy more cards in the shop

Speaking about the cards, they're separated in many types. For example, the Attack ones are for attack (obviously), the Animal let you summon cats, alpaca, and even chickens to fight with your enemies. The Building ones is similar to the Animal ones, but let you construct some firepowers instead.

Overdungeon Card Based Dungeon Crawler Launched 2
The animal cards in this game is also for the purpose of memes as well!

All of your combats will require real-time strategy, in which you'll have to make use of your decision-making and timing at the same time. It's easy to get used to, but very hard to master, especially with an ever-changing dungeon!

Bundles available on Steam with a discount

The full version of Overdungeon is available on Steam now with the price of $14.99.

Overdungeon Card Based Dungeon Crawler Launched 4
Overdungeon is available on Steam now, seasonal updates might come in future

The publisher Leiting Games also deliver a Bundle containing the base game and soundtracks at the price of $19.30, which is on 8% discount.