If you consider yourself as a die-hard and look for a real challenge, Space Robinson is the most suitable one for you.

It’s an indie gem that will make you die and die again, but it will not tax you for your death. In fact, it will return everything you've collected!

Here's the trailer of the game if you're really curious about what it looks like:

The story of Space Robinson

Space Robinson takes place in a fictional futuristic world. You'll step on the shoes of an ordinary engineer doing his original job. He's on the spaceship to travel to a distant planet to do his daily job - maintenance. Or at least that was what he has expected to do.

Unfortunately, as soon as he reaches the orbit of the planet, his spaceship crashes and shoves its head right down to the ruins of the colony. He still manages to get out alive but finds himself in a totally exotic area. Soon, he realizes that this abandoned colony is not as friendly as it seems.

Space Robinson Insanely Hardcore Dungeon Crawler F
Space Robinson is the story of an engineer trying to survive in a hostile planet

Now, he's like a Robinson Crusoe but on his outer space journey! He'll need to survive at any costs on this hostile planet, and find a way back to the Earth.

Expect to die a lot, but don't worry about it too much!

Space Robinson is a roguelike shooter where you'll have to survive by shooting down the enemies surround you. And the extraterrestrial monsters are not going to come one by one, but in the whole hordes. Therefore, staying alive with your starting pistol is almost impossible. Even when you can swap your pistol with other guns that wield more firepower, the monsters still outnumber you. So, expect to die a lot! Like a million times!

Space Robinson Insanely Hardcore Dungeon Crawler F
The laser-shooting gun can't help survive you against hordes of monster

Furthermore, everything in this game is going to kill you like their first time. The game features day-and-night mechanics, where you'll have to encounter many special monsters at nightfall. Fortunately, there'll be chances that you'll find some bot on the way to help you. They include a cute little dog that will turn into a fierce creature once monsters are in its sight.

Space Robinson Insanely Hardcore Dungeon Crawler F
If you're lucky, you can find some bots to help you

If you somehow make your way to the checkpoint, you can recharge your stuff and get clues on the mysterious things happened to colonists. But if you can't, don't worry too much about losing your whole achievement. Every time you die, the Colony AI will take information from your left DNA to clone another version of you. Additionally, they'll give you back every crystals and artifact that you've got, and you can use them to upgrade your gear. Maybe you can survive for some more minutes after every death of yours!

Space Robinson Insanely Hardcore Dungeon Crawler F
If you die, the colony will make another clone of you to start the journey again

According to the developer, it's only the tutorial if you fell down. You'll fight with real monsters later! However, don't expect the colony to be the same. In fact, it's procedurally generated, and you'll find another place to die every time you pull your gun in this dungeon.

Space Robinson Insanely Hardcore Dungeon Crawler F
The colony is procedurally generated

Free demo on Steam

Space Robinson is providing a free demo on Steam with a "This is HARDCORE!" warning. I don't often see a demo that lasts for one or two nights grinding, but this one is definitely one of them.

Space Robinson Insanely Hardcore Dungeon Crawler F
Free demo available on Steam

Space Robinson is going to come out at an unknown date in 2019. You can add it to your wishlist now to receive further information when the game releases.