The publisher Armor Games Studios has announced the releasing windows of the ultra hard platformer - Never Give Up! The title is the product of Massive Monster - the developer behind the charming The Adventure Pals last year.

This time, it announced Never Give Up with a trailer, which you can watch below:

Be careful with your devices when you play Never Give Up!

Armor Games is the studios behind over 50 web games, including the Give Up series - is introducing Never Give Up! (What do you want me to do, to give up or not?). This game is the latest and the biggest installment in the series.

The title's description states that it is a "death-defying platformer", which means you'll die a lot!

Never Give Up Announced For Switch Pc 2
I've already regretted my decision...

In Never Give Up, you'll play as a stickman, on the journey to find yourself (or kill yourself) by getting through various challenges. In order to do that, you'll have to escape from the testing environment, travel through the land, fight bosses and smacking your face onto the traps just to find the truth.

Never Give Up Announced For Switch Pc 1
Run hard, fight harder!

That's not enough hardcore for you - a true masochist? Then here's a great news for you. For every level you've beaten, the next one will be harder as it puts more traps and obstacles on. With over 150 bite-sized stages of buzzsaws, chasing missiles, huge rhino robots, and giant boss battles, the torture is unlimited!

Never Give Up Announced For Switch Pc 4
The boss fights look like a bullet-hell

Understand the anger that players will have to experience, the developer has developed a mean for you to rage quit. It's a Give Up button that immediately gets you out of the game without forcing you to continue playing from the scratch.

Never Give Up Announced For Switch Pc 3
Die more to give up? What do you mean?

It also gives reward for patient players as well, as the game gives a timer that counts every split second for speedrunners. Tracking your record has never been easier!

When will the game come out?

The developer has planned to release Never Give Up on August 13. At its launch, the game will support Switch, PC and Mac, while further devices have not been mentioned yet.

For PC gamers, you'll have to wait for nearly two months to grab the game on Steam and GOG. But if you feel interested, you can add the game to your wishlist right now to get the notifications when it rolls out!