“Where do we come from?” is a question humanity has tried to answer for millennia. Some believe God created the entire universe, its inhabitants, and eventually, us humans based on His own image. Some think we evolve from a species of apes. Others say we come from another planet or emerge from a meteor that hit the Earth millions of years ago.

The new platforming game ‘The Kreator’ from developer StarRhyme has a bit of all that as it puts you in the role of The Kreator – a powerful spirit that takes on the form of a comet – and takes you on a journey across the universe and its different stars.

The Kreator 1 696x398
Journey across the universe and its different stars in The Kreator

As the Kreator, you have only one goal: blessing the planets with your light to nurture their life forms and then let Mother Nature grow and run her course. In term of gameplay, that idea translates into an endless runner with a straightforward one-touch control scheme. Basically, The Kreator will automatically circles around the planets and all you have to do is tap on the screen to have it “jump” and collect various elements.

The Kreator
Simple one-touch controls

With its simple yet captivating and colorful art style and 12 extremely relaxing soundtracks, this is the perfect game to play when you need to blow off some steam. That said, the game is not without its challenges. Throughout your journey, you will encounter some Dark Elements that threaten to impede your progress and so you must try to avoid them. Moreover, the seasons will keep changing as you press on, and with it, the difficulty will also increase.

The Kreator 2 690x319
A simple yet captivating art style

If you are not in the mood for a challenge and just want to relax, you can also opt to play the Zen mode, which removes all the obstacles and allows you to just sit back and enjoy the scenery as well as the music.

The Kreator is set to launch next month on July 18 on the App Store. It is also up for pre-order right now if you are interested.