It has been quite some time since we heard about the Project Boundary - a tactical first-person shooting game. Recently, according to Surgical Scalpels - its developer - this PlayStation China Hero Project has got its official name: Boundary.

The game will be available worldwide on PlayStation 4 later this year. Besides, they also take PC and Xbox One into consideration as well, but there hasn’t been any official information regarding this.

Many members of the gaming community have been looking forward to Boundary for a long time. This tactical sci-fi multiplayer shooting game is similar to Futuremark’s Shattered Horizon, which was way ahead of its time. Though Shattered Horizon was not really commercially successful, you can still see that they have quite a lot in common.

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Many people have been waiting for this game

Put that aside, a channel on YouTube - Punish has uploaded 5-minute gameplay footage of Boundary. This was from its demo at the Gamescom 2019. This footage will help you have a clearer image of how Boundary would be like.

About Boundary

In this multiplayer space shooter, you as the players will play the role of astronauts. You will find yourself in space, fully armed and about to engage in fierce firefights.

Project Boundary
You will become astronauts who have to find space

Some features in this game, such as ammo types, weapons, and loadouts are entirely customizable. Additionally, you will have 6 different classes of Astronaut to choose from while playing multiple game modes.

For now, there are just a few modes available: Orbital Purge, Facility Capture, Team Deathmatch and Free For All.

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Many things in this game are customizable

For those who are wondering, Orbital Purge and Facility Capture will be similar to the gameplay of Elimination and Domination.

Huyagives will launch Boundary on PC in the first quarter of 2020, along with the PS4 version. Enjoy!