Remember our good-old-days having fun collecting and exchanging beautiful cards with our friends? Cardpocalypse will bring you back to those times, but with a drastic plot twist: the monsters in your cards are coming out and trying to control the school!

Cardpocalypse is the product from the developer Gambrinous and the publisher Versus Evil. To celebrate this event, they've brought us an announcement trailer, which demonstrates the main core of the story and some footages on the gameplay. You can see it in the video below:

Cardpocalypse is when the cards run this world!

Everyone has a memory of some school trends back in our young ages. They vary from performing tricks with yoyos and speed-run the rubrics. However, in this fictional world of Cardpocalypse, card-exchanging is the pressing issue!

To be more specific, every kid in this world is obsessed with the notorious card game - Mega Mutant Power Pets. The game is a hit after the success of kids' favorite show on television. The obsession among the students is too severe, to the point that the grown-up has ended up BANNING the game. And yes, the kids are not going to agree with this.

Cardpocalypse Releases Monsters Out Of Your Cards
The kids are not happy with the ban on their favorite game

As a result, they keep playing the game behind the grown-ups' back. After all, we all think that as long as they are not watching, it's fine to play whatever you want! Our parents have taught us that the idea is very wrong, and the consequences immediately come. The youngsters start to see more and more monsters from Power Pets appearing in the school!

Cardpocalypse Releases Monsters Out Of Your Cards
The monsters jump out of the cards to real life

That's where you start your extraordinary journey. You'll take control of the 10-year-old student Jess to unravel this mystery. With support from her friends, Jess will have to challenge the monsters with games of cards to save the students, the school, and maybe even this world!

About its gameplay

According to Versus Evil, Cardpocalypse is a single-player card game. It's kind of weird since most successful card games often come with multi-player elements. But considering the fact that this game mainly focuses on the narrative parts, the approach from the developer is understandable.

Nevertheless, besides normal card games' elements, this game contains a unique feature - changing the rule. To be more specific, as you play through the game, you'll have chances to change your cards and the rules of the whole game as well. According to the trailer, it seems that the rule-bending comes from the effects of the cards, but we still have to wait for more footages to make it clear.

Cardpocalypse Releases Monsters Out Of Your Cards
You can even create more cards!

Set that aside, you can make your own deck with every card that appears in the game. The fully collectible card game also provides card customization, in which you can put stickers on them, doodle them or just tear them up completely.

Cardpocalypse Releases Monsters Out Of Your Cards
Customize your deck and your cards

Apart from the deck building and playing parts, you'll have to unveil the whole story through side-scrolling the comic-style world. During your journey, you'll meet new friends, cope with bullies and hiding from the teachers. The school-themed story with stunning characters will not let you down!

Cardpocalypse Releases Monsters Out Of Your Cards
Bully is also a fun part of this game!

Supported platforms

The developer and the publisher seem very excited about going big with this game. Cardpocalypse is going to support a wide range of devices, including PC, Consoles, and Mobile.

For PC, this game will support all OS, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch also lie in the supported list, and it's also available for Apple Arcade.