Steambirds Alliance has been relentlessly receiving feedbacks from the players through many beta stages. Starting from the middle 2018, the game has experienced too major beta phase - both closed and open.

And now, the developer Spry Fox finally brought out the full release of its game. If you've missed the chances to catch this game at its early stages, here's the trailer for you. Take a look to see what this full-of-feather title looks like:

From the developer of Realm of the Mad God

Spry Fox LLC is the co-developer of the first MMO shoot'em up game ever - Realm of the Mad God. And with their experience in this genre, the veterans in the studio has brought us another bullet-hell game - Steambirds Alliance!

Steambirds Alliance Free To Play Steam 1
Steambird Alliance is the work from the hands of the veterans

Regardless of how gorgeous the trailer looks, there's actually no specific storyline behind the whole game. All we've known about the concept of this game so far is that you and many players will have to control the bird-flight airplane and shoot down the control of the most wicked cat boss - Meowza.

However, the developer doesn't want to focus on the story in this MMO shooter. In fact, they want to create a multiplayer game where people don't have problems working with each other.

Steambirds Alliance Free To Play Steam 5
The developer knows the struggle of working with random people online

To be more specific, Steambirds Alliance will pack you and 59 other players in a server. After that, it will throw you in a vast world that you can freely roam around and shoot down the feline enemies. Therefore, you don't have to compete with other players for resources. At every time you want, you can choose to fly to a different area and test your skills in the bullet hell.

Steambirds Alliance Free To Play Steam 7
You can go solo to challenge yourself

However, your journey will be extremely difficult if you choose to go solo. Furthermore, this game features permadeath mechanics, in which you'll lose everything and have to start from scratch.

That's the reason why you should cooperate with other players. There will be a total of 14 kinds of airplanes to choose from, each is useful against certain enemies. Teaming up with other birds with different planes will help you get through the dense screen of firepower easier.

Steambirds Alliance Free To Play Steam 4
Teaming up with other birds makes the game easier

Steambirds Alliance is completely free-to-play

Steambirds Alliance follows the free-to-play model of many other MMO games. The game has come out on Steam for several days, and you can download it at any time you want.

Steambirds Alliance Free To Play Steam 2
The game is completely free to play on Steam

To make you even more interested, the developer has announced that they'd bring further updates in the future. Hence, you'd better get used to this vibrant game before it becomes a hot issue!