If you have played the stunning adventure series Nimian Legends before, then you’ll probably be thrilled to hear that its creator, Robert Kabwe aka Protopop Games, is currently working on a new title, which looks incredibly promising so far. Titled Wilderless, this new game promises a massive open world that you can freely explore and immerse yourself in. Yes, you could also do that in Nimian Legends, but Wilderless promises to deliver things in an even bigger scope. Check out an in-development footage of the game below:

Moreover, as reported by TouchArcade, the developer is taking a different approach with Wilderless compared to the Nimian Legends games. He has decided to rebuild everything from scratch and the entire process will be split into phases. With each phase, the game will launch with specific functionalities which will then be polished across several updates before the next phase comes, which again will add new features and content. At first, the game will reportedly be a “landscape photography sim" in which your task is primarily to traverse the stunning environments to take pictures, but it might evolve into something else in future phases.

Wilderless 2 3217_wm
A stunning world rebuilt from scratch

This development method is intended to be a countermeasure to issues caused by software and hardware advancements seen during the long life cycle of Protopop’s previous titles. Currently, he plans to have 10 development phases for Wilderless, which will be spread across a span of 2 years.

If you want, you can also head over to the YouTube channel of Protopop to see more videos about Wilderless. Although no release date has been confirmed at the moment, the developer is hoping to release the first phase of the game in early 2020. Where it is headed from there will depend a large part on how well it’s received and what players want.

Wilderless 258c_wm
We can expect to see this one in early 2020

Those who’ve played a Nimian Legends game in the past, be it 2014’s Brightridge or the recently-released sequel Vandgels – which we talked about back in August, no doubt already know that Protopop is one of the most responsive developers out there and is always keen on hearing feedback to create the most wonder worlds possible. His passion is admirable, and we look forward to checking out Wilderless when its first phase comes out next year!