Digital stores such as Google Play and the App Store are the perfect platform for solo developers to thrive and introduce their work to the world, and honestly, sometimes we come across games that are so good that it’s mind-blowing to think they are the product of just one person. The adventure game Nimian Legends: Brightridge from developer Robert Kabwe – who also goes by the name Protopop Games – is a prime example of this.

Originally released way back in 2014, Brightridge delivered a massive and stunningly beautiful open world for players to lose themselves in. Unfortunately, the game lacked the story elements and narrative structure that were crucial to the open-world RPG genre and thus was more of a scenery trip than anything.

Nimian Legends Brightridge
Nimian Legends: Brightridge was beautiful, but it lacked a narrative structure

Then in 2016, a remastered version titled Nimian Legends: Brightridge HD was released, and over the last few years the developer has constantly been keeping it updated with all kinds of stories and missions, finally bringing it more in line with a traditional open-world game. What we didn’t know is that Kabwe had an entire plan sketched out for the Nimian Legends series, with the gorgeous Nimian Legends: Vandgels being a brand new installment. Check out its newest trailer below:

Earlier this year, the developer was looking for beta testers to try out Vandgels, and the game has basically been in open beta ever since, allowing anybody who’s interested to take it out on a spin. Now, however, it’s been announced that Vandgels is finally finished, and Kebwe is once again looking for more testers to test the final product to iron out any issue before the official launch.

Nimian Legends Vangels
Look forward to this gorgeous open-world adventure game. It is just around the corner!

If playing a stunning open-world game for absolutely free sounds appealing to you, then you can head over to Testflight to check out Nimian Legends: Vandgels right now. We are looking forward to hearing more about an exact release date for this one, and the developer has also confirmed that he’s already had 2 more entries brewing, so it’ll be interesting to see where this franchise heads toward in the future.