From 562 Interactive, we have a mobile title that is really hard to explain: Alluris. The gameplay is kind of similar to that of Reigns, but the visuals are a lot more impressive.

Here is a video trailer of the title:

Alluris's gameplay is similar to many adventure titles out there on Google Play. It gives you opportunities or choices, and all you must do is swipe left or right to make a decision. Needless to say, the different courses of action you choose to take will result in different outcomes.

Alluris The Adventure Fantasy Tinder Title Is Out
You will get all types of crazy options in this title.

The special things about Alluris that help distinguish it from the huge crowd are all those wonderful and weird options that it will give you. For instance, there will be a scenario where you'll be offered the option of marrying a rat. It is an interesting combination of wackiness and fantasy.

Alluris The Adventure Fantasy Tinder Title Is Out
You must well-prepared for the adventure ahead.

The story of the game begins when the vicious Baron Dread begins to gather a massive army. For some reason, though, no one has bothered to bat an eye. That said, this might come as a piece of good news for you, as it's a good opportunity for you to show off your skills. You could get all that glory to yourself.  Of course, death is also a possibility, but if you do end up dying, that would be no one's fault but your own.

Alluris The Adventure Fantasy Tinder Title Is Out
Try your best to defeat the evil!

On your journey, there will be many difficult trials to overcome, and there is no clear pathway to defeat the evil. However, it is sure that you will figure it out eventually. If you are on the look for a wacky fantasy title, then Alluris is the one for you. It is now available for free on Google Play.