Physics-based games almost never fail to impress me due to their unpredictable mechanics that require a lot of trials to get used to. We've seen a lot of good ones such as Human Fall Flat or Tools Up!, but Sail Forth will very likely be the first time we step in the shoes of a captain and explore the vivid naval world on your precious ship.

Sail Forth is the brainchild of the developer David Evans with the help of The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild. It was previously announced to come out for PC in early 2020, but yesterday, the developer has revealed that the game will launch for consoles at the same time!

Down here is the reveal trailer of Sail Forth, in which you can find some gameplay features:

Overview of Sail Forth

At this point, Sail Forth doesn't have any specific background story yet, so we'll have to enjoy the game without knowing what we're sailing for. Luckily, the adventuring experience in this game is very outstanding with aesthetic landscape and realistic means of sailing.

Sail Forth Pc Consoles Announced 5
Sails Forth is a beautiful sailing simulator

To be more specific, Sail Forth is an adventure game, where you'll control your ship to explore the vast naval landscape. Each level contains ranges of islands with different ecosystems, and they will be procedurally generated. You'll be able to admire the beauty of nature via colorful environments, and no second journey is going to be the same.

Sail Forth Pc Consoles Announced 2
The islands are procedurally generated

All of those islands have many kinds of quests. They vary from snatching the treasure from a pirate clan or rescue a friendly sailor that has lost his way in the ocean. On your journey, you'll come across many other boats as well, and since grass is always greener on the other sides, you might get attracted to them.

If you do, Sail Forth allows you to switch to those new boats very quickly but still keep your previous one by ordering AI-controlled members to operate it. However, not every boat is unowned, so you might get into some trouble fighting its owners. The combats in this game are mainly about controlling your ship to dodge enemies cannon while precisely predict your shot.

Sail Forth Pc Consoles Announced 1
Fight with other ships to take control of them

That's where you'll also experience the hardship of sailing your fleet in real life via the detailed buoyancy physics. To be more specific, wind force matters a lot with the feel in this game, and it might cause your prediction backfires.

Sail Forth Pc Consoles Announced 4
Wind force will cause your ship unbalanced

Release date and supported platforms

Overall, Sail Forth is a picturesque game with funny controlling mechanics, ambient soundtrack and vibrant visuals.

The game will come out for PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in early 2020.