Some might say a true captain will die with his ship, but the developer Fireblade Software totally disagrees with that. Hence, it has made Abandon Ship - an FTL-like naval strategy game to convey the message: as long as the captain is alive, there's still a chance.

Sailing in Steam Early Access since last year, Abandon Ship is finally dropping its anchor with this full release. Here's the trailer for this event, which you can have a look below:

About Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship doesn't have a solid story, but many separated stories, and you'll get to see them with each play mode.

Specifically, with the campaign mode, your task is to eliminate a Cult that worships the legendary monster Cthulu. The Freeplay mode will focus on shorter stories, such as rescuing your sister. Additionally, there's a special mode namely Sword of the Cult - basically a rank mode, in which you'll continue fighting until you get the mightiest weapon: The Kraken.

Abandon Ship Officially Launched 5
There are three modes in this game, each has a different story

What will you do in those modes? Basically, Abandon Ship is an adventure game, which you'll become the captain of your 'Age of Sail' ship. Giving orders to your crew, you'll explore the most dangerous place in this world, fighting enemies ship in deeply strategic battles, stand against the mythical monsters in the severe weather conditions, and out-perform your enemies.

Abandon Ship Officially Launched 4
Shooting some of their crew members down, and bring your ship closer for melee matches!

Let's speak about the adventure element first. Taking place in the eerie Haunted Seas, you'll have to guide your crew through a lot if islands full of stories. Waiting for you in those islands are ghost ships, monsters, and other ships as well. You'll have to prove your strategic talent to outperform your enemy.

Abandon Ship Officially Launched 2
The islands in this game vary from many kinds of landscapes

The challenge doesn't stop from just only your enemies, but from the environment as well. The seas always have a lot of dangers, including poisonous mist, cannibals, and many more. Sometimes, they'll turn your whole battle with just one stone dropping out from the sky!

Abandon Ship Officially Launched 1
You'll turn from the winning position to the losing side in just a single meteor strike!

Officially out for PC

Abandon Ship has released its 1.0 version for PC on Steam. In order to celebrate this event, the developer and publisher Fireblade Software is running a 10% discount.

It will last until October 30, cutting the price down to only $22.49.