We first reported on Gunship Battle: Total Warfare when it was released in December last year. This is the latest installment to the Gunship Battle franchise from publisher Joycity, and it took the series down a different route. While previous Gunship Battle games were action-focused titles in which you’d take control of one single aircraft to participate in intense aerial battles, Total Warfare is a strategy game in which you’ll control an entire fleet to engage in strategic battles across air, land, and sea. Check out its trailer below:

But you might be wondering: “The game has already launched for almost a year, why write more about it now?” Well, here is what’s new: Joycity is working on a new PvP tournament for the game. Titled “Server Invasion”, this new mode is currently under beta-testing, which means we will probably get a new way to put the strength of our army to the test pretty soon.

Server Invasion is precisely what it sounds like: Players from different servers will be able to invade one another. The invasions will take place every 2 weeks and each will include two rounds of fighting. Each round, in turn, will last two hours.

Gunship Battle Android Combat1
Engage in strategic battles across air, land, and sea

This mode is only available for the top 100 players of each server, though, so you’ll have to maintain a high ranking if you want to join the fun. 20 out of these 100 will become attackers and the others will try to defend their own server against invasion. The server that achieves the highest score will win, and all players in that server – not just those who participate in the event – will be rewarded.

Gunship Battle
Get ready to battle players from other servers as well!

Server Invasion will be available for 12 servers at first and will expand to all servers soon, so you’d better hone your PvP skills right now!

Gunship Battle: Total Warfare is now available for free on both Google Play and the App Store. For more information, visit the game’s official Facebook page.

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