In PUBG Mobile, you will be running into players who come from all kinds of different places with all kinds of behaviors. There will be great players and teammates who know how to fight alongside and bail you out of trouble if you need them. And of course, we have players who make you frustrated with the game no matter how fun it is.

So who are these players who most often ruin your experience in PUBG Mobile? Let's review them one by one and I'm sure you have run into one of these types at least once in your game:

5 Types of Players in PUBG Mobile That Make You Want To Quit the Game

1. The Hacker

The hacker is no stranger to anyone of us. And unfortunately, they are not strangers at all in a game like PUBG Mobile. These are the players who take advantage of illegal software and third-party applications in order to have an advantage over other players in terms of vision, fighting ability, or parachuting speed.

PUBG Mobile 5 Types Players That Ruin Your Game

Out of all the different players mentioned here, the hacker is surely the most hated of them all. For one thing, when you play hackers, your chances of winning often approach zero. For instance, with a third-party hack or script, hackers can see you from miles out, then they can track you down from anywhere to eliminate you.

When you feel like you have run into a hacker, the only thing you can really do is to exit the game and start a new session. Other than making the game extremely unbalanced, the hackers give you a bad time when you are supposed to have fun, and you feel like you'd rather play something else.

And with the ubiquity of hacking third-party software out there, we might end up with more hackers fighting each other as the number of honest players nosedives. No one would want to play PUBG Mobile to have fun if a whole squad of hackers knows exactly where you are and next thing you know, you are on the floor.

When you see hackers, definitely don't hesitate to give them a report. The PUBG Mobile devs have been working hard at expunging the cheaters but there's still a long way to go to ensure a mostly hacker-free environment.

2. The Bug Exploiter

Another type of players who exploit the game must be the buggers or bug exploiters. Unlike hackers, these players are not using illegal software to exploit the game, however. Instead, they take advantage of the many bugs in the game. These bugs are holes in gameplay or mechanics that the devs have not patched or fixed yet.

These bugs, if found, could allow you to enter a secret room, or go completely underground. Players who access these hidden compounds can give you almost as much grief as hackers. For example, from their safe spot, they can shoot you down without you knowing where the opponent hides.

Imagine hearing footsteps and a few gunshot noises later, you are down on the ground.  Should you run into one of these bugs, be a good sport and send it to the devs so they can patch it. Don't do to others what you don't want done to you.

3. The AFKers (away from keyboard) or Quitters

Players who are AFK or quitters do not directly affect your gameplay but they make the PUBG Mobile experience a frustrating one nonetheless. AFK players aren't always leaving the game literally in the middle of a match. AFK can happen when the internet connection is acting out or lost completely.

When things like that can happen outside of your own agency, they are annoying to deal with regardless. No one wants to play a proper match only to see teammates dropping out because of poor connection or they discovered they had something else to do. So you end up fighting way below your capacity without support.

What you can do to prevent AFK is to arrange enough free time to play PUBG Mobile, and make sure your connection is not at a time when it drops out often.

4. The Loudmouth

The voice feature is a great inclusion in PUBG Mobile. It's very to use, and with it you can easily communicate with your teammates, inform your teammates where the enemies are located, or call up your teammates to support you.

PUBG Mobile 5 Types Players That Ruin Your Game

But there is a significant downside to having voices in the game. There will be these players who make sure to shout and talk very loudly, or they start talking all kinds of nonsense unrelated to the game, or just a lot of background noises when you are trying to focus.

This will be extremely annoying when you are fighting in Pochinki, for example. Around you there are enemies, and when you are trying to listen carefully to their footsteps to figure out their positions. Instead of silence and calm, you hear shouting and probably TV or music noises constantly.

Not only do these distract you, they make you more stressed out hearing things you don't want. Because of this downside to using voices, you'd end up muting people instead just to have a bit of peace.

5. The Selfish One

This final type of players doesn't break the rules nor play wrongly. They don't use hacks and scripts nor exploit bugs. They don't violate courtesy by being AFK or too loud either. But players who play selfishly and negatively like this really disrupt your squad.

Even when playing with teammates, their goal is simply being for themselves and f*ck the rest. They would carelessly open fire and throw grenades with teammates nearby, and delay trying to revive you later. When a teammate finds a high-quality weapon like the AWM, they'd do everything they can to get it first.

Even if the team reports on these players' poor behaviors, they would just wait until they can find another squad to take advantage of next time. Unfortunately, there's no preventing this kind of people from ruining it for the rest of us, just like their behavior ticks us off in real life, too.

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