The rise of PUBG Mobile esports has given the chance for many people to pursue the career of a content creator and pro player. In order to embrace this, PUBG Mobile has opened an event called the PUBG Mobile Global Ultimate Team Selection. PUBG Mobile has invited influencers from all regions in the world to join this event.

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The PUBG Mobile Global Ultimate Team Selection.

In this event, players can choose their favorite pro players and content creators such as MortaL, Dynamo, ScoutOP, Kroten,... to vote using roses that they can get from daily missions. The voting of has ended yesterday and the results were just what everyone expected. MortaL and Scout have won the most votes and they will be leading the Indian squads into the event. The Indian team will also include Dynamo and Resgaltos.


MortaL has always been the most favorite PUBG Mobile player in India. He became famous through his Youtube channel MortaL, which is currently having more than 5 million subscribers. He was the founder of team SouL and led the team to win the PMIS 2019 and the PMCO Spring Split 2019. While team SouL isn't in their best shape right now, they still remain the most favorite team in Indian thanks to MortaL. A victory at the PUBG Mobile Extreme Challenge will mean a lot to him right now to lift his spirit up.

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MortaL has always been the most favorite PUBG Mobile player in India

Scout is one of the best PUBG Mobile in India with excellent personal skills. He is currently doing wonderful with team Orange Rock in the PMWL East at the moment as they got top 2 and top1 in the Opening Weekend and League Play. No matter which teams he is in, he always manages to become the star player and stand out.

The PUBG Mobile Extreme Challenge will be starting on July 30. You can check it out on the official  Youtube channel of PUBG Mobile.

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