PUBG Mobile Season 15 is all set to be this September with a lot of new features including the Loot Truck. Rolling down the roads in San Hok map. The truck is said to be a promising target for every player to loot a vast range of good gear. Although it’s not easy to take down the heavily armoured truck, once you manage to stop it, you will be overwhelmed with what it offers. How to stop the Loot Truck in PUBG Mobile and what you can find inside, keep reading for the explanation.

Originated from a random garage in the Sanhok map and there will be 4 trucks to be released in a match. You will catch them traveling around the island, waiting to be taken down by players. While one is destroyed, a new truck will be released and the maximum of the loot truck in a map can be 8.

Loot truck in PUBG Mobile
Loot truck in PUBG Mobile is all set to be launched in the upcoming season

How to stop a Loot Truck in PUBG Mobile?

In fact, only players who are persistent enough can tame these heavily-armored monsters as it will take a lot of effort to do so. The PUBG Mobile Loot Truck can crash down anything they bump into on the way and resist the force of other vehicles. However, there are still some tricks to defeat the behemoth. You can easily stop the truck by deflating its tires with Spikes Strips. Once it stops moving, it’s more comfortable to give it a large assault.

Here is the strategy to attack the loot truck for effectively:

  • Attacking the truck from its sides for more damage
  • Using explosive weapons like Panzerfaust

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Loot truck in PUBG Mobile
Loot truck in PUBG Mobile is available in Sanhok map

What Loot Truck in PUBG Mobile offers

Once the truck is damaged, it will drop small containers of loot. More and more of them will be thrown into the air once it is completely destroyed. You will find a vast range of fully kitted weapons at level 3. In addition to that, you can also find 4 different gears with special skins.

Here are some tips for attacking loot truck in PUBG Mobile

  • Be careful when the Loot Truck explores as you can be damaged if staying too close to it.
  • Attack the track only when you have a team as it will take a lot of effort to knock it down
  • Watch out enemy’s attack as your fire is a signal
  • The truck will cross over the rework town of the island so you can wait for it here as there will be more covers for you

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Above are what we’ve known so far about the upcoming Loot Truck in PUBG Mobile Season 15. Stay tuned with for more interesting news about games and entertainment!