PUBG Mobile latest seasonal: Royale Pass Season 14 has just come out of the shadows last July, unveiling more challenging Royale Pass missions and new modes. While the Spark the Flame event (aka Bonfire mode) has been made available earlier, it was not until August 4 that PUBG Mobile can finally experience the much anticipated The Ancient Secret Mode The live in-game event can be found in the classics Miramar and Erangel.

If you’re looking for the ultimate instruction on The Ancient Secret Mode, how to find the best loot, defeat the Secret Boss and enjoy the Chicken Dinner, this article is exactly what you’re looking for!

Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode
Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode has been made available from August 4th

PUBG Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode features

Just like many other PUBG Mobile events, you will need to do some special missions while playing the regular game. In this latest event, your duty is to find ‘Floating Temples’ in Miramar and Erangel maps. In addition to that, you will also get a tremendous loot after defeating the mummy boss. These are two major features of The Ancient Secret Event.

The secret boss can be found in the waiting lobby of the temples but don’t panic. It won’t cause you any damage at all!

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Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode Mummy
You will need to find the secret mummy boss in Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode

The floating temples

Floating temples that are stuffed with a lot of loot will go up into the air after the first 5 minutes. It means that you can only have 5 minutes to get into the temples. Pick these spots as your drop location and do not give a tinkle damn about losing your health while jumping out of the temples as you will be equipped with a parachute.

The temples will be available in 3 random places in the two maps. You can keep track of them by checking the orange tent symbols in the mini-maps like the example below:

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Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode
Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode: location of the floating temples

As loots will be stored in treasure chests, the only way to open these chests are by solving puzzles. 4 puzzles in the temples include:

  • Scarab puzzle
  • Lotus puzzle
  • Phinx puzzle
  • Animal puzzle

Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode

Take it easy as these puzzles will not be much challenging. To solve the puzzle, you will to do a few steps as below:

  • Rotate 4 different figures to match the right position as required
  • Predict the least number of players being on the map at the moment
  • Pressing on all pictures on the wall to light them up
  • Switch the position of these pictures to match the right order of the pattern given below

The best thing about these floating temples is it will float toward the safe zone so you can have plenty of time for looting without worrying about whether your team is safe or not.

Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode

Secret Boss Challenge

There will be a mummy boss who keeps watch of each temple. When entering the temple, you will find two statues on each side of the lobby with an ‘activate button’ nearby. This button will recall the mummy boss and your mission is to defeat her.

However, this mummy boss is not alone. She has an entire snake army for the fight and you need to kill off all of them if you don’t want your health to decrease quickly. You will get one more ammo after a snake is killed so ammo is obviously not a big deal.

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Pubg Mobile The Ancient Secret Mode

Meanwhile, the most effective way to kill the mummy is aiming at her head. Once being in low health, the secret mummy boss will use a sandstorm to deflect your attention while attacking you at the same time. However, if you can manage to finish off the giant mummy, you will be awarded with the best loot ever like Groza, Ghillie suit or AWM.

In conclusion, The Ancient Secret Mode in PUBG Mobile is optional but it is a fun event to take part in. However, please note that it will also be quite challenging especially when many clashes will also drop here. Be careful if you don’t want to die early and get negative points.

In addition to that, killing the mummy might be more demanding than you might think. Remember to hit her hard on the head and slay all the snakes as soon as possible. In addition to that, please note that you should never enter temples alone. Make sure your teammates get your back as unity is strength.