Constant content updates are a signature of PUBG Mobile. The continuous refreshing touches of new features and cosmetic items keep players intrigued and coming back for more. Yesterday, the developers dropped hints on their next event - Ancient Secret. Together with that, we also have a look at a brand new costume for PUBG Mobile - the Pharaoh X-Suit. Here is everything we know so far. 

pharaoh x suit pubg mobile coming
The Golden Pharaoh is coming

Everything You Need to Know about the Pharaoh X-Suit in PUBG Mobile

This isn’t like anything you have seen before. PUBG Mobile developers really go a step further to make sure that the new suit is extra-special for their players to enjoy. The Pharaoh X-Suit won’t just be a normal cosmetic item, but it evolves. Yes, you heard that right. The suit will changes in appearance for each level it gains and provides additional perks. Not only you get the outfit, but also the exclusive emotes with the Ancient theme. 

pharaoh x suit pubg mobile beauty
It's really a thing of beauty

Level up the Pharaoh X-Suit and you will get access to:

  • New appearance
  • Team-up Lobby Emote
  • Share your item with others 
  • Victory broadcast
  • Entry Emote
  • Spawn Island Emote

This promises to bring the players a whole new experience in the realm of PUBG Mobile. However, such a beautiful suit does come with exclusive tokens that are used to upgrade it. You may have to spend some extra time and perhaps budget on the outfit. 

When is the Pharaoh X-Suit Coming to PUBG Mobile?

As announced by the PUBG Mobile officials, the Pharaoh X-Suit will hit the battlegrounds on August 4th in the Ancient Secret event update. So we’re just 3 days away from the release of this beautiful skin. 

pharaoh x suit pubg mobile exclusive
The event will bring tons of exclusive rewards

Call of the Pharaoh Event

This will also come in the next content update. The Call of the Pharaoh takes place from August 4th to August 13. During this period, players can claim exclusive items by opening Pharaoh crates. But do take note that they only last for a fixed duration. 

pharaoh x suit pubg mobile 4 august
The "Call of the Pharaoh" event starts on August 4th