When it comes to the highest-grossing mobile games in the world, PUBG Mobile or Free Fire might be the first idea to come into your mind thanks to the popularity of the games in many countries. While these two games keep accelerating lakhs of new players every day, both of them have yet to sign their name as the highest grosser of all time.

PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, which one outdid each other in the list of highest-grossing mobile games, and what game is on top of them all? This article will leave no stone unturned!

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Free Fire Vs Pubg Mobile

10. Game of War: Fire Age

Release date: July 2013
Revenue: $2,8B

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Game of War is a popular game in the world

The strategy multiplayer mobile game which was developed by Machine Zone was rated to be one of the highest grossing mobile games in 2014 and 2015. The launching of it also took the spotlight as a high-profile campaign.

9. Clash Royale

Release date: March 2016
Revenue: $3B

Og Clashroyale
Clash Royale is the variation of Clash of Clans

Published by the Finished mobile game developer Supercell, Clash Royale is a good combination of multiplayer battle, tower defense, and card games. The game was also a big hit back in 2018 as it took less than 1 year to reach the $1B milestone.

8. PUBG Mobile

Release date: March 2018
Revenue: $3B

Image 4 Red Zone In Pubg
PUBG Mobile is soaring into the top highest grossing mobile games of all time

Being developed and published by China-based software company Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile quickly soared into a global phenomenon that broke the record for taking only 2 years to get into the list of top grossing mobile games worldwide. In fact, the global spending on PUBG Mobile in the first half of 2020 is 1,2B which is 4 times greater than its top rival Garena Free Fire which only accumulated 300M.

While PUBG Mobile is listed as the 8th highest-grossing mobile game, its top rival Free Fire which was published 4months in advance ended up in the 23rd position with 1,3B of time life revenue.

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7. Fate/Grand Order

Release date: July 2015
Revenue: $4B

highest grossing mobile games
Fate/Grand Order

The Japanese game is developed basing on the popular franchise Type Moon's Fate/stay night. The role-playing game is popular in not only Japan but also North American countries especially the U.S.

6. Pokémon Go

Release date: July 2016
Revenue: $4,7B

 Pokemon Go Best Pokemon
Pokémon Go was a global sensation back in 2016

Pokémon Go, no need for introduction, took the world by storm arround the year of 2016. In fact, the reality mobile is still popular to date which has around 6 crore monthly active players at the moment.

5. Candy Crush Saga

Release date: November 2012
Revenue: $5,4B

Candy Crush
Candy Crush is a classic puzzle game you must know

Candy Crush Saga, without a shadow of doubt, is the only puzzle video game which made it to the top 10 highest grossing mobile game in the world with $5,4B revenue in its lifetime.  Meanwhile, its variation Candy Crush Soda Saga was also a big hit which ranked 12 in the top list with 2B.

4. Clash of Clans

Release date: August 2012
Revenue: $7B

Clash Of Clans
Clash of Clans to rank no. 4

Another video game from Supercell to enter the list is Clash Of Clans. The strategy game was the origional of Clash Royale which collected 7B after 8 year of releasing.

3. Honor of Kings / Arena of Valor

Release date: November 2015
Revenue: $7.6B

Aov Feature
Arena of Valor is a international adaption of Honor of Kings

While Honor of Kings is the special version for Chinese players, its international version Arena of Valor also took the world by storm and the total revenue of these two versions is 7,6B

2. Puzzle & Dragons

Release date: February 2012
Revenue: $7,7B

Puzzle And Dragons Gold Switch Hero
Puzzle & Dragons, top grossing mobile games 2020,  is popular not only in Japan but also in the US

Puzzle & Dragons is an excellent mixture of puzzle and video games which made it big in the world with  7,7B. The Japanese game is popular in most parts of the world and its major income coming from selling in-game currency.

1. Monster Strike

Release date: August 2013
Revenue: $8.12B

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Monster Strike - the highest grossing mobile game of all time

Monster Stike tops the list of highest-grossing mobile games in the world with total revenue of $8,12B after 7 years. It is also a role-playing game that allows users to collect monsters and defeating them.

Above is the list of highest-grossing mobile games by revenue in the world in 2020. Apart from PUBG Mobile, other games are also interesting and addictive that you should consider to give it a try.