In the next season of PUBG Mobile, players will be introduced to a new mode called Ancient Secret Mode. While it is not in the main servers of PUBG Mobile yet, many Youtuber has found out about this mode in the beta version of the game with a full gameplay video. You can check it out below.

This mode will be played on Miramar through the Classic option. The first thing you will notice when playing this mode is a giant boss during the waiting lobby. Don't worry, she is just there for the show and won't do any harm to you. When you enter the game, you will find some mysterious pyramids with marked locations on the map.

Pubg Mobile Beta 0 19 0 New Ancient Secret Mode Ga
Pyramids are marked on the map

After 5 minutes, these pyramids will start floating up to air and no one will be able to access them anymore. So if you have to get inside the pyramid right at the start of a match or you will miss it. When you jump off from the pyramid, you will open a parachute automatically so there no need to be worried. These pyramids automatically  float into the circle so you don't have to worry about spending too much time there either

Pubg Mobile Beta 0 19 0 New Ancient Secret Mode Ga
The pyramid will float up after 5 minutes

There is a lot of loot in these pyramids so it is expected to be one of the hot drops on Miramar when the event arrives the main servers. In this place, there are rooms with a treasure chest inside with loots. However, you can only open them after you solve the puzzle in that room. These puzzles are quite simple and you will be able to solve them with a little bit of brainstorming.

Pubg Mobile Beta 0 19 0 New Ancient Secret Mode Ga
Solve puzzles in the pyramid to get loot

There is also one room in the pyramid where you can active triggers to summon a boss. This boss is actually quite easy to defeat though. Her attack doesn't deal too much damage and can be dodged easily. Her only strength is the high HP pool. However, there will be snakes in the room which will drop ammo when they die so ammo is not a problem.

When her HP is low, she will summon a sand storm shield that blocks your bullet. But you can just aim at her head to damage her until she dies.

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