PUBG Mobile is now the biggest game for portable devices in India that allows players to join or compete against each other for the “Chicken Dinner”. As the player base grows, more problems become visible to the masses. One of them is undoubtedly high ping when playing online. Read on to learn how fast you need the Internet speed to be to completely negate the annoying lags. 

Pubg Mobile Ping Lag Working the game
It's really annoying to play PUBG Mobile with high pings

What is Ping?

A ping is a number that indicates the reachability of the Internet connection. It basically measures how late your game client sends and responds to the server. The higher the number, the longer it takes for the signal to travel between the ends. If the server, or your client, fails to receive the commands/information in time, there will be lags, delays, which eventually leads to frustrating gameplay. 

Pubg Mobile Ping Lag Working physical locations
Your physical locations affect the ping value

There are several reasons for high ping. The most common one is that the server is located far away from the players’ physical position. Game signals then must travel a greater distance, hence, results in high ping. During the initial launch of PUBG Mobile, Indian players reported exceptionally laggy gameplay, regardless of their Internet speed. But that changed after the developers introduced a dedicated server for India. 

Minimum Internet Speed to Enjoy PUBG Mobile 

As suggested by Google research, decent gameplay can be achieved with an Internet speed of 1-2 Mbps. However, this figure isn’t entirely accurate. It can vary between different regions or the type of connection. Wifi networks tend to provide a much more stable experience for PUBG Mobile, especially when there’s a dedicated server. But mobile data networks are a different ball game. 

Pubg Mobile Ping Lag Working fast
Fast Internet connections don't always mean smoother gameplay

Most players now use 4G networks with an average speed of 5-10 Mbps yet still experience lags. It’s because of the quality of Internet infrastructure and coverage. Maybe the facilities aren’t developed enough, or you may be in the outer rear of the signal coverage. There’s a difference between speed and stability. Fast Internet speed doesn’t necessarily mean a fast and stable connection. 

How to Maximize Internet Speed for PUBG Mobile

If you’re confident with your connection but still get laggy gameplays, try to check the apps that run in the background. They may be consuming the needed network data you need to enjoy PUBG Mobile. Then, should the situation not improve, the problem might just be your device itself. Change the graphics options is a viable solution.