The PMIS 2020 is one of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournament in India with an insane prize pool of Rs 50 Lakh. The tournament is currently in the Online Qualifiers stage with an online format.

Pubg Mobile Pmis 1200 1
The PMIS 2020 features a total prize pool of Rs 50 Lakh and is one fo the most well-known tournament in India

In a surprising turn, 3 teams were found using "unfair means" and as a result, they have been disqualified from the tournament by the organizer. It is not sure what "unfair means" they were using during the matches but PMIS 2020 officials will soon announce more details on their social media. The 3 teams who got disqualified are:

  • Infinite Warriors (Match 1, Rank 1, 38 points)
  • Zleven Esports (Match 2, Rank 2, 36 points)
  • Team BigFans (Match 3, Rank 2, 42 points)

Since these 3 teams were disqualified, there are now 3 blank spots in the tournament. These 3 spots will be given to the next teams Insane, Powerhouse, Team Invaders.

All PMIS 2020 roster shuffle

Ronak will be playing for GodLike temporarily in the PMIS 2020

Team GodLike and Orange Rock decided to exchange their players to each other. VampireOP from Orange Rock will be exchanged for GiLL from GodLike. However, VampireOP won't be allowed to play for  GodLike in the PMIS 2020. And so, team GodLike has called out for RonaK to help them in the PMIS 2020. RonaK will only be playing for GodLike temporarily in the PMIS 2020.

Fnatic decided to rebuild their roster after the PMPL South Asia and Ronak has confirmed that he will not be in Fnatic's new roster. RonaK is a veteran PUBG Mobile player in India and he won the PMIS 2019 with team SouL last year but his performance has not been that well lately. Maybe this opportunity with team GodLike is going got to be a great fresh start for him to make a comeback.

SouL is not joining the PMIS 2020

Since the PMIS 2020 only allows a team to have 4 players, substitute players from many famous teams were forced to find another team to join the tournament. And so Paansingh, Sangwan, Ultron, and VampireOP have come together as Element Esports.

Team SouL has withdrawn from the PMIS 2020 even though they were the champion last year. Mortal is trying to figure out a way to improve the performance of his team after their horrible results in PMPL South Asia. That why Aman is moving to Maros Gaming temporarily to play the PMIS 2020.

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