Another wave of leaks for PUBG Mobile is here – it contains various tier rewards for season 15’s ranked matchmaking, along with a huge reveal. In this article, we would list out the various details of the update we are going to get next month.

1 – PUBG Mobile 1.0 update

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1.0.0 Erangel update

You certainly have noticed the version name of PUBG Mobile, ever since its debut back in 2018, has always been 0.xx.xx. Usually, in other games, version 0.X is a “beta” version or “unreleased” version… and the update to officially get to the 1.0 version is always huge.

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The Bug on the Google Play Store

It looks like PUBG Mobile is going to get that 1.0 update. Based on the leaked PUBG Mobile app logo from the Google PlayStore, from the next update, PUBG Mobile would begin from 1.0.

2 – Erangel Remastered Reveal

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The leaked logo

1.0 updates are supposed to be big, and nothing is as big as a revamp of the most popular map of PUBG Mobile, Erangel. You can clearly see the outline of the Erangel map on the leaked logo – and with the current logo being Livik, it is super likely that Erangel would be the focus of the next patch.

3 – Tier Rewards for Season 15

Gold Tier


This outfit, except the mask, is going to be the reward for Gold tier - there is no name available yet for it, however.

Platinum Tier


The mask for the Gold tier outfit - it is inspired by the Japanese Oni Mask

Diamond Tier


This SKS skin would be the prize of Diamond Rank

Ace Tier


Ace Tiers would get the season 15 Gold Parachute

Conqueror Tier


Conqueror tier would get the golden profile frame for Season 15.

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